Dispense Settings

Configure eQueue docket printing settings
Set up Dispense Configuration for Fixed Drug Pricing
Record token when dispensing an owing
Set up Nursing Homes
Retain Deleted Scripts in Patient History
Check your Drug Search setting
Repeat Token Configuration
Set Preferred Generic Suppliers
Manage eScript tokens for Scripts on File customers
Review the Supervisor User and any other existing users in Minfos
Set Up Audible Dispense Alerts
Set your Dispense Brand Specific Configuration
Prompt for Expired Medicare Card
Automatically Add Patient on Search Fail
Setting up a Compounder for Chemotherapy Dispensing
Register and activate a B2B device in PRODA and Minfos
Reactivate B2B Device in Minfos
Install NASH PKI Certificate
Update eRx NASH PKI Certificate
Troubleshoot NASH Certificate issues
Troubleshoot PBS Web Services