This article covers the following:

  • Adding a Chemotherapy Compounder
  • Setting your Default Compounder

Adding a Chemotherapy Compounder

Compounder Maintenance can be accessed two ways:

  • From Dispense Pro, click the Maintenance menu and select 8. Compounder
  • From the Dispense Form, click Extended and select 8. Compounder Maintenance

 The Compounder Maintenance window is displayed.

1. Click Add.The Compounder Entry window is displayed.

2. Enter the approved compounder details including the Compounder ID of the compounder as well as their name and address details.

3. Click Okay to save.

Nominate a Default Compounder

After adding your compounders to Compounder Maintenance, you can then nominate your default compounder.

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select D. Configuration.

The Configuration window is displayed.

2. Click the Dispense/Customer tab.

3. Click the Default Compounder drop-down and select your default compounder.4. Click OK to save. 

Using the Default Compounder

After your compounders have been added and a default compounder nominated, the default will be displayed in the Chemotherapy Combinations window within the Dispense Form.

To apply an alternative compounder when dispensing a chemotherapy infusion, enter an alternative Compounder ID in the Compounder field.