Please refer to the table below to assist you in troubleshooting common issues that may arise with PBS Web Services.

I receive an error showing that the Device is in invalid state. The device also shows as Locked on the PRODA website.

PRODA communications need to be paused whilst the device is reactivated:

  1.  Uncheck PBS Online checkbox (if it is checked - it is probably unchecked already).
  2. Clear out the 3 PRODA device fields and save the changes (note the device name and RA down).
    a. Optional step - remove and re-add the device in PRODA if previous attempts have not fixed the issue.
  3. Login to PRODA and generate a new activation code.
  4. Try to register the device in Minfos again.
I receive an error showing Organisation not Found.
Please ensure you have entered the correct PRODA RA Organisation Number in Minfos.
I receive rejection R973: The digital certificate is not registered for the given pharmacy approval number.Possible causes:
  • Time set on Server is not correct. Ensure time on server is accurate.
  • Pharmacy might be experiencing internet connectivity issues.
  • Pharmacy has registered their B2B device prior to linking to PBS Online in PRODA.
  1. Remove B2B Device in PRODA.
  2. Link to PBS Online in PRODA.
  3. Re-register B2B Device in PRODA.
  4. Enter B2B device details in Minfos.

For further guidance on how to complete steps 1-4 above please refer to this article.

  •  PBS has outdated ABN for Registered B2B device. Contact PRODA on 1800 700 199 (select Option 1).
I receive rejection R850:  There is a problem with your PBS Online claiming registration.The pharmacy set up in PRODA is incorrect.

The pharmacy must contact PRODA on 1800 700 199 (select Option 1) to rectify this.
I receive rejection R467: The original pharmacy approval number provided is invalid.

This rejection occurs because the web service txn contains a value in originalApprovalNum that does not meet the field validations.

The original PBS pharmacy approval number must be blank or 6 alphanumeric characters, right justified, zero filled.

To correct this issue:

  1. Edit the script and process with a leading 0(zero).
  2. The script should transmit successfully. 
Scripts are stuck on sending status.1. Restart Midas. Scripts should transmit successfully once Midas is restarted.
2. If a Midas Not Installed error displays on the server after an update:
a. Install Midas
b. Restart the Database. 
My device has expired and I received a popup message telling me to reactivate it. Devices typically expire after 6 months.

Refer to Reactivate PRODA Device in Minfos for details on reactivating devices. 
I receive an error showing PRODA Device Activation failed due to a technical error. 

Server might be having communication issues with Midas.


Please register B2B device on any workstation other than the server.