Receivables Module Overview
AR Product Maintenance
Add an AR Product
Delete an AR Product
Print AR Product List
AR Department Maintenance overview
Add an AR Department
Delete an AR Department
AR Customer Maintenance overview
Add an AR Customer in Receivables
Add an AR Customer for a Credit Card Type
Copy an AR Customer
Merge AR Customers
Delete an AR Customer
AR Customer Enquiry
AR Customer Export
Salesperson Maintenance overview
AR Copy Salespersons
Territory Maintenance overview
Add a Territory
Merge a Territory
Add notes to the Text Library
Create an AR Invoice
Use Quick Invoice Entry for AR Invoices
AR Invoice Tool Box Overview
Edit an AR Invoice
Re-Print AR Invoices
AR Invoice Enquiry
Create an AR Credit
Print statements for AR Customers
Email AR customer statements
Age statements for AR Customers
Undo/De-Age AR Customer Statements
Receipt payment from an AR Customer
Receipt AR Customer Payments via Multiple Cheques