An AR Credit is a refund applied to an AR Customer's account. Entering a credit is very similar to entering an invoice. 

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Invoice menu and select 2. Credit Entry.

The Invoice Format window is displayed.2. Select 1. Warehouse, Retail Product Style and click Okay.

The Adjust Entry - Product Style window is displayed. 3. Enter the AR Customer name and press [Tab].

After the AR Customer is selected the customer details are displayed in the Adjust Entry - Product Style window. 

4. Enter the Inv. (Invoice) Date.

5. Enter the Due Date.

6. Enter a Description. 

7. Check the GST Exempt checkbox if the invoice is GST free.

8. Enter the Sales Person, if required.

9. Enter the Territory, if required. 

10. Enter the Order Number, if required.

11. Enter the name of the person the order was Ordered By, if required. 

12. Select Add to add products to the invoice.

The Credit Product Entry window is displayed. 

13. Enter the Product Code and press [Tab]. 

Alternatively, enter part of the product name, press [Tab], select the product and click Okay.

14. Enter the Quantity.

15. Enter the Unit Price. 

16. Click Okay.

The AR product is added to the invoice.

17. Continue adding AR products to the invoice or click Cancel to close the Credit Product Entry window. 

AR Products added to the invoice can be removed or edited if required:
    1. Select the relevant AR product.
    2. Click Change to edit or Delete to remove.

18. If required, click Notes to add notes to the invoice. 

19. Click Okay to complete the invoice.

20. Click Cancel to exit the Adjust Entry - Product Style window.