It is possible to receipt AR Customer payments made with multiple cheques.

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Banking menu and select 2. Deposits.

The Deposits window is displayed.2. Click Add to add a new deposit.

The Receipt Entry window is displayed. 

A. Enter the AR Customer name or code in the Customer field, and press [Tab].

B. A list of outstanding invoices for the selected pharmacy is displayed.

C. Click Select All if all outstanding invoices are to be paid.

D. Double click on the invoice being paid, to change its selection status from 0 Don't Pay to 1 Pay.

E. Click the arrow to the right of the Amount(s) field.

F. The total of the invoices selected is displayed in the Amount(s) field. Alternatively, enter the amount being paid in the Amount(s) field.

3. Click Multi-Cheque.

The Customer Payments with Multiple Cheques window is displayed.4. Click Add. 

The Individual Cheque Detail Entry window is displayed.5. Enter the Drawer for the cheque, if required.

6. Enter the Bank.

7. Enter the Branch.

8. Enter the Amount of the cheque.

9. If this is a cash payment, click Cash.

10. Click Okay.

The Cheque is saved and the Customer Payments with Multiple Cheques window is displayed.

11. Repeat steps 4 to 10 to enter remaining cheques for the payment.

12. Click Okay.

The Receipt Entry window is displayed.13. Complete any required information and click Okay.

The Deposits window is displayed.14. Click Okay.

The Banking window is displayed.15. Click Yes to save the payment details.