Introduction to Managing Claims
Configuration settings for Claims
Daily Claim Maintenance tasks
Start a New Claim
Run a Claim Statistics Report for a claim
Editing a Claim Overview
Editing Claims - Select the correct Claim Period
Editing Claims - View the scripts in the Claim
Editing Claims - View Error Fix Instructions
Editing Claims - Correct scripts with errors
Editing Claims - Defer a script to the Current Claim
Editing Claims - Find which Claim a deferred script was moved to
Editing Claims - Exclude a script from being claimed
Editing Claims - Search for a script in the Claim
Editing Claims - Run Script Options
Editing Claims - Manually re-transmit a script to PBS
Closing a Claim
Closing a Claim - Print Certification of Supply form
Closing a Claim - Close Failed error
Closing a Claim - Manually Close or Resubmit a Claim after an error
Minfos Claim Statistics Report
Minfos Claim Summary Report
Minfos Claim Detailed Report
Minfos Claim Value Report
Request PBS Claim Statement
PBS Online Detailed Claim Report
PBS Online Summary Reconciliation Report
PBS Online Weekly Payment Report
Claim for Continued Dispensing supplies
Check NRMC Prescriptions in the Claim
NRMC Supply Certification
Changing the Pharmacy Approval Number