When you start a new claim, your current claim becomes open for editing and a new current claim is created. Any scripts dispensed after you've started a new claim will go into the new current claim.

To start a new claim:

1. From Dispense Pro, click the Manage Claims icon.

The Manage Claims window is displayed, with the current claim selected by default.

2. Click New Claim.

The Start New Claim window is displayed.

a. This is your current claim. This will change to an open status.

b. Only check this field if this is the last claim of the year.

c. This is your new claim number, this will appear in a Current status.

d. Click New Claim.

A new claim is created with the status of Current.


  • All scripts that are dispensed after you have opened a new claim will go into your new current claim.
  • The status of the new claim is Current, and the previous current claims status is now Open, as it is open for editing.
  • Scripts waiting at the till remain in the open claim when you create a new claim.