1. From the Manage Claims window, highlight the claim, then click Edit Claim.

The Edit Claim window is displayed and shows all of the scripts in the claim.

A. Use Prev to navigate through the scripts.

B. Use Next to navigate through the scripts.

C. Use Enquire to enquire on a script, the online status and history can be viewed.

D. Use Change to edit a script.

E. Use Defer to defer a script from this claim to the current claim.

F. Use Exclude to exclude a script from being claimed. The script can then be edited from the customer’s history and re-submitted to the current claim.

G. Use Find to a script by serial number.

H. Use Special to open the script options window.

I. Use Show Error to view any PBS rejections or warnings and then view the fix instructions.

J. Use Re-Transmit to re-transmit a script via PBS Online.

K. Use Refresh to update the display.

L. The contents of the Edit Claim window can be printed.

M. Click Cancel to close.

Note: Right-click anywhere in the Edit Claim window to open the Legend Window, which provides definitions for the icons and font colours in the Edit Claim window.
Warning: Scripts that are red require attention.

Filter the scripts in the claim

You can filter the scripts in the Edit Claim window to show scripts waiting at the till, only problematic scripts or only payable scripts or only active rejected scripts.To filter the scripts in the claim:

1. In the Edit Claim window, check the Include Waiting at Till checkbox, to include the scripts that are currently waiting at the till, if required. This checkbox is selected by default when there are uncollected scripts in your claim.

2. Select the Problematic Only checkbox, to show only the scripts that have been returned with errors, scripts that have warnings, and scripts that have a price difference of more than $0.05, if required (refer to Configuration settings for Claims for more information).

3. Select the Payable Scripts Only checkbox, to show only the scripts that are payable by Medicare, if required. 

4. Select the Active Rejected Scripts Only checkbox to display only scripts with an attached PBS reason code of ‘R’ (Rejected). Rejected scripts that have been deleted will not display

5. Click the filter drop-down to select from:

  1. All scripts i.e both paper scripts and eScripts. This option is selected by default
  2. eScripts only
  3. Paper scripts only

This filter can be useful if:

  • You sort your paper claim. The ‘eScripts only’ option can be selected to identify scripts that may appear as missing as there is no paper script but are in fact an ePrescription.
  • You use an online prescription storage system you can use the ‘eScripts only’ option to identify scripts that have not been uploaded, as they are an ePrescription.

The Edit Claim window can also be printed to assist with reconciling your claim or you could include the list of ePrescriptions with your paper claim.