This article provides instructions for correctly closing your claim, in order to receive payments from Medicare.

The claim's status must be open before you can close it. If the claim you want to close is your current claim, then start a new claim. Your current claim's status changes to open, as it is now open for editing, and a new current claim is created.

Before closing the claim, make sure none of your scripts have errors, so you receive the correct payment from Medicare.

Note: We recommend that you close your claim on a dispense terminal with a label printer.

When you close your claim you do not have to send your claim paperwork to PBS. However, you are required to keep your scripts and paperwork for audit purposes.

We recommend you run an Uncollected Scripts Report before you close your claim, as any scripts waiting at the till will be re-serialised in to your current claim. Refer to Uncollected Scripts Report for guidance.

Close a Claim

1. From the Manage Claims window, click the open claim that you want to close, to highlight it.

2. Click Close Claim.

a. If the Rejected Scripts window is displayed, we recommend you fix the rejected scripts before continuing. If this window does not display skip to step 3. 

 b. Click Show Rejected Scripts.  

The Rejected Scripts Claim: (waiting to close) window displayed.

c. Print the list

d. Refer to Resolve script rejections and warnings for information on how to fix the rejections.

e. Click Cancel and fix the rejections and repeat the Close a claim instructions.

The Close Claim window is displayed.  

a. This check box may not display, refer to Configuration settings for Claims for more information. 

3. If available, leave the Print new serial numbers for waiting scripts checkbox selected.

4. Click Process Claim.

The Processing prompt is displayed.

5. Click Yes to close the claim and move the uncollected scripts to the current claim.

The Supply Authorising Pharmacist prompt is displayed.

6. Enter your initials, as recorded in your Minfos database.

Alternatively, press [Tab] to open the Pharmacist Search window, then locate the required pharmacist, and then click OK.

7. Click OK.

The Certification of Supply window is displayed.

8. Ensure the details on the certification are correct.

9. Select the I declare that the information provided in this form is correct checkbox, then click Send to PBS to submit your paperless closed claim to PBS.

The Manage Claims window is displayed and shows the claim's status is now Closing.

10. You can print the Certification of Supply form after you’ve closed your claim, to file it with you claim paperwork; see Closing a Claim - Print Certification of Supply form for guidance. 

11. To update the claim status, close the Manage Claims window and reopen it. The claim may take a couple of minutes to update from the Closing status.
When the claim is successfully closed, its status is Closed.

Warning If the claim you just closed has an error and is shown in RED text, refer to Closing a Claim - Close Failed error

12. Attach any new serial number labels to scripts, if required.