A.R. (Accounts Receivable) Customers can be added via Stock Manager as well as Receivables. Refer to Create a Stock Transfer customer (A.R. Customer) for guidance adding an A.R. Customer from Stock Manager. 

From the Receivables Module:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 1. Customers.

The Customer Maintenance window is displayed.2. Click Add.

The A.R. Customer Entry window is displayed.

3. In the Details Tab, enter the information for the new AR Customer. 

a. Enter a short Code for the AR Customer. This Code can be used to quickly select the AR Customer when entering invoices etc.

b. Enter the Name.

c. Enter the Street address, Suburb and State.

d. Use the Find button to search for the postcode.

e. Alternatively, manually enter the Postcode.

f. Enter the ABN (if applicable). 

g. Enter the name of the Contact person.

h. Enter the Phone and Fax numbers.

i. Enter the email address.

j. Check Email Statement to email the AR Account Statement to the AR Customer.

h. Select AA Normal from the Customer type drop-down menu.

i. From the Category 1 drop-down menu:

i. Select A. ALL for AR Customers that are invoiced from Dispense or Till during the End of Day process and/or invoiced when stock transfers are completed.

ii. Select P. Pharmacy for AR Customers created solely for inter-store transfer purposes.

iii. Select S. Supplier for AR Customers who are also suppliers for the store.

j. If the AR Customer is also a supplier for the store, enter the Supplier Code in the A.P. Supplier field. 

4. Click the More tab.

   a. Enter how many days the AR Customer has to pay in Due Days.

    b.  Enter a Credit Limit.

    c. Select the frequency to generate statements in the Statements drop-down menu. 5. Click OK to save.