Improved robustness to Midas application

We have added further robustness to the Minfos application Midas to ensure it restarts correctly after the End-of-Day process has run. This will provide an additional level of stability and help ensure that key tasks are not delayed due to Midas failing to restart after an event, such as a software update.


Updated behaviour for new configurations to display date information on the dispense label

In 7.7.1, we released new configurations that automatically populated dates in the directions field on the dispense form, refer to Configure Minfos to automatically print date information on the dispense label.

You have provided feedback that the date information should not display in certain circumstances. Now, when you are dispensing a script in the following circumstances Minfos will not automatically populate the script expiry date or the repeat interval date in the directions field for:

  • Scripts with no repeats remaining (single supply or last repeat)
  • S3 recordables and Dr’s Bags
  • Dispensing from an NRMC or HMC

If you edit a script and change the number of repeats or times dispensed Minfos will remove the date information from the directions if it is not relevant. However, Minfos will not add the date information if the script is edited to have remaining repeats.

Prompt when price exceeds maximum PBS price to customer for an under-copayment script

When you manually increase the price of an under-copayment script, Minfos will prompt you if that price is over the maximum PBS general patient charge:

A screenshot of a computer error

Description automatically generated

  • If Yes is selected, the RxType will change to Private with the price you entered retained. There will be no Safety Net contribution for the patient
  • If No is selected, the RxType will be retained, and the Price will revert to the price before the change
Note: If you have the Allow max PBS price to be exceeded checkbox in Dispense Options checked, this prompt will not display. Refer to Manage Dispense Fees in Options for more information
New Prompt when an item has no Unit Cost set

We currently display the GP% on the Dispense Form which is highlighted in RED where the price falls below the unit cost. However, if there was no cost the GP% was displayed as 100%. 

Now, when there is no unit cost the field will display .

If you would like to be prompted when this scenario occurs you can configure Minfos to display the No unit cost prompt:

Refer to Configure Dispense to prompt when an item has no unit cost set to turn this configuration on.

Updated Drug Pricing Import & Export functionality

We have improved the Drug Pricing Import and Export functionally to allow you to manage pricing externally to Minfos.

You now have the option to import/export drug pricing based on:

  • Export Criteria: Barcode or MNPN (was previously only MNPN)
  • Price Format: Dollars or Cents (was previously only cents)

Refer to Export Drug Pricing and Import Drug Fixed Pricing for more information.

HICAPS charging to account via the Script Options menu

A prompt will now display when attempting to invoice a HICAPS claimed script from the Script Options menu, where the claim is still pending:We recommend you click OK, return to the HICAPS Claim Management window and submit the claim to HICAPS, once approved you can then charge the script at the correct value to the account. 

Note: If you continue with transaction and charge the script to the account at the full price and then you also receive a reimbursement from HICAPS, you will need to process at account payment for the value of the reimbursement.
Changes in Minfos to support upcoming PBS changes

A number of changes have been made to Minfos in order to support upcoming PBS changes:

  1. The Price field: from 7 digits to 9 digits.
  2. The maximum number of repeats: from 2 digits to 3 digits.
  3. The Manufacturer Code: from 2 Alpha to 3 Alpha.
  4. Repeat minimum days in addition to the current allowable days of 0, 1, 4, 20 to up to 3 characters.
  5. The number of repeat minimum days categories will be increased from 4 (0,1,4,20) to 8 and up to 3 characters.


Created orders now display live Robot Stock on Hand

To align with behaviour across Minfos, the Order Entry and Order Editing windows for Created orders now displays the live robot stock on hand (SOH). The robot SOH will be queried at the time of creating/editing the order and periodically as the order window is refreshed. This will assist you during your ordering process by knowing the up to date robot SOH as you review and update your orders.


Meditec Medicine File

Now when you create your pack run for your patient’s using Meditec DAAs, Minfos can check if the drugs in their profiles are supported by your Hub packing site. Ensuring your patients are able to get their DAAs packed efficiently and removing admin burden at the Hub.

Refer to Medicine File for Meditec Pack Runs for more information.

Stock Manager

For TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacies – Update Product Names during MNPN Updates

As Hub product updates, from TerryWhite Chemmart Management, update the product name, it is not required for TWC pharmacies to also update product names during a Minfos MNPN Update, so the Update Product Names option is no longer available for TWC pharmacies.

MNPN Update window for TWC pharmacies:

MNPN Update window for all other pharmacies:

A screenshot of a software update

Description automatically generated

Refer to Supplier MNPN Update Options for more information.

Product Description is now included when you Export an Order

In Minfos 7.6.1 we released a feature to allow you to import and export orders from Order Maintenance, refer to Export an Order from Order Maintenance and Import an Order into Order Maintenance for more information.

We have enhanced the export functionality from Minfos, and it now contains the Product Description, making it easier to review in external programs e.g. Excel.

Note: The Product Description is not a required field when the file is imported.


Add Attachments to a Customer Profile

You can now add file attachments to a customer profile. Attachments are managed via the new Attachments tab in the customer profile:

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Refer to Add an Attachment to a customer profile to learn how to add, view or delete an attachment.

Some things to note:

  • The Attachments tab is not available when first adding a customer, it is only available once the customer profile has been created
  • Attachments are backed up as part of the Minfos existing backup process
  • If a customer with attachments is deleted, the attachments are also deleted
  • If two customers are merged the Slave customer’s attachments will be attached to the Master customer profile. If the attachments are no longer required, you will need to delete them
  • By default, attachments are retained for 36 months, before being automatically deleted, please contact Minfos Support to have this period adjusted
Move Direct Debit options to the Functions menu in the Customer Management module

The Create Direct Debit Files and Direct Debit Reconciliation options have been moved from the Reports menu in the Customer Management module to the Functions menu.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Refer to Process Account Payments via Direct Debit and Reconcile Direct Debit Payments for more information.

New Account Payment Reconciliation option

The new Account Payment Reconciliation option allows you to efficiently reconcile account payments that have been received via methods other than Direct Debit e.g. Bank Transfer.

Refer to Account Payment Reconciliation for more information.

Nursing Home Payments option End-of-Life

With the release of our new Account Payment Reconciliation option, the Nursing Home/Hospital Payments window has been made obsolete and will be removed from a future Minfos release early 2024.

A prompt now displays when you attempt to open the Nursing Home/Hospital Payments option, notifying you that it is has been superseded by the new Account Payment Reconciliation option:

For now, the Nursing Home/Hospital Payments option will remain in the software, and it can be opened by clicking OK from the prompt. However, we advise you to update the processes you currently perform from Nursing Home/Hospital Payments to Account Payment Reconciliation before the new year.

Disable Account tab fields when a Customer is linked to an Account

When a customer is linked to an account, all account fields (except Additional account charges) are greyed out and display the details from the linked account. This is to help avoid confusion as they are controlled by the Account Customer the customer is linked too.

Statement preference checkboxes replaced with a dropdown

The Print Statement and Email Statement checkboxes on the Accounts tab have been replaced with a Statement Method dropdown. The checkbox settings will be carried across to the new dropdown option when you update to 7.8.1.

The new Statement Method dropdown has the following options:

  • Email (default) – only Email statements will be generated
  • Print – only Printed statements will be generated
  • Both – Both Email and Printed statements will be generated
  • None – No statements are generated


PBS scripts now excluded from Credit Card Surcharges

In Minfos 7.1.1 we introduced Credit Card Surcharges, refer to Set up Credit Card Surcharges for more information. The Credit Card Surcharges automatically applied to all items in the transaction.

In 7.8.1, PBS scripts will now be automatically excluded from accruing the credit card surcharge when these scripts are sold at the till. You can configure Minfos to apply the credit card surcharge to the full transaction. Refer to Apply Credit Card Surcharges to all items in the sales basket for more information.

New shortcut to access the Customer Editing window at the Till

We have added a new shortcut to the Till to allow for easier access to the Customer Editing window with the Notes tab as the default view.

With a customer selected at the Till, press [Alt+C] to display the Customer Editing window.

Note: If multiple patients’ scripts have been selected at the Till, pressing [Alt + C] will display the Customer Editing window for the last selected customer.

Centralised Customer Accounts

Move Direct Debit options to the Functions menu in the Customer Management module

The Create Direct Debit Files and Direct Debit Reconciliation options have been moved from the Reports menu in the Customer Management module to the Functions menu.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Refer to Process Centralised Customer Account Payments via Direct Debit and Reconcile Direct Debit Payments for Centralised Customer Accounts for more information.

New Account Payment Reconciliation option at Head Office

The new Account Payment Reconciliation option allows you to reconcile account payments that have been received via methods other than Direct Debit e.g. Bank Transfer.

Refer to Centralised Customer Account Payment Reconciliation for more information.

Select store filter added to Email Customer Statements and Re-Print Customer Statements

A Select Store filter has been added at Head Office when Re-printing or Emailing customer statements. The Head Office can click the Select store dropdown and select All stores or an individual store.

Refer to Print statements for Centralised Customer Accounts and Email statements for Centralised Customer Accounts for more information.

Debtors and Ageing Reports Totals by Master Store

There is a new option to group Totals by Master Store on the Debtors and Ageing Reports.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

This checkbox is only available when the Master Store is set to All.

Refer to Centralised Customer Accounts Debtors and Ageing Report for more information.

Resolved Issues

  1. The ‘SN Consequences date’ and the ‘Cannot supply before date’ are now updated in the Directions field when dispensing a repeat.
  2. The pricing information in the Script Detail Enquiry window has been extended so it is displayed correctly.
  3. The Safety Net Report will now be printed correctly when the script dispensed exceeds the Safety Net threshold.
  1. Getting a repeat will now display the correct robotic pack quantity.
Stock Manager
  1. The Stock on Hand Report is now printing correctly on Windows 11 Operating Systems.
  1. The ABA file for BankWest will now include the consolidated line required for Direct Deposit.
  1. Barcode changes originating from a Multi-store Head Office will now be reported correctly in the Product Audit Report. The Source will be displayed as Multistore H/O.
  2. The Hourly Customer Activity Report by Per Salesperson is now fixed and will no longer display thousands of pages.
  1. The Active Script List when viewing from the Till eQueue will now be sorted by Script Date.
  2. Credit Card Surcharges will now apply correctly when performing a split payment transaction.