Orders can be exported from Order Maintenance. You can export a Created, Issued or Received order into a CSV format. The CSV file can then be shared with another Minfos pharmacy and imported into Minfos Order Maintenance.

To export an order

From Order Maintenance:

1. Highlight the required order and click Print.

The Report Type window is displayed.

2. Select the Export to CSV for Importing radio box.

3. Click Okay to export.

The exported CSV file is displayed, the file name is order_Minfos supplier code_Minfos Order Number e.g. order_06080_20815 and is automatically saved in H:\Minfos01\Export. The following fields are exported: PDE, MNPN, Barcode, product Description and order Quantity.4. The CSV file can then be shared, or edited and imported into Order Maintenance.