Orders prepared outside of Minfos can be imported into Order Maintenance so they can be electronically transmitted to the supplier. This will also be helpful for pharmacies that order on behalf of other pharmacies, the order can be imported at the receiving pharmacy e.g. Stock Transfers where your group does not have the ability to electronically transmit stock transfers.

The import file must:

  • Be in CSV format, and must be in order of PDE/MNPN/Barcode/Quantity
  • Contain one of the following :
    • PDE
    • MNPN
    • Barcode
  • Have a Quantity greater than zero. The item will not be imported into the Minfos Order if the quantity is zero
The headings of the CSV file is caps specific, so must be PDE/MNPN/Barcode/Quantity.
The CSV order file cannot include more than 999 lines.
If the original file came from a Minfos exported order, the Description column will be ignored during the import process.

Example File:

To Import an Order

From Order Maintenance:

1. Click Import.

The Import Order window is displayed.

2. Click the Import Path and Filename browse button.

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Description automatically generated

The Open window is displayed and automatically searches in H:\Minfos01\Export.

3. Navigate to the required file, highlight it, and click Open.

The Import Order window is re-displayed.

4. Enter the Supplier for the order and press [Tab].

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5. Click Import.

The Import Result window is displayed, with the results of the import.

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Note: Items will not import if:
A product match cannot be found.
There is a duplication in the file – the first instance of the product will import, subsequent lines will not. You will need to consolidate these values manually.
Where the file contains a quantity of 0 (zero).

6. Click OK to close the Import Result window.

Order Maintenance is re-displayed with the newly imported order highlighted and in a Created status.

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Note: Supplier product attributes are NOT validated when importing an order e.g. Min Order Qty.

7. The order can now be edited as required. Refer to Edit an Order.