Scan check multipack items

To further ensure all items dispensed are correctly picked and labelled, you can now scan check all units when dispensing multipack items.

To scan check a multipack script simply scan the barcode on the dispense label in the Pharmacist Check screen, and a new Multipack script window will appear. Then scan the barcode on the drug packaging. As you scan each product Minfos will count and display the number of packs that have been successfully scanned of the total number that have been dispensed.

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Once all packs have scanned successfully, the window will automatically close, and the script will display a green S scan check icon (or SS if the scan check took place after the script was sold).

If the pharmacist clicks Close before scanning all packs, the Multipack Scan Check prompt will display, as below.

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If the pharmacist clicks Yes, Minfos returns to the Pharmacist Check screen, and displays an orange S icon for the script, indicating not all items in the multipack have been scanned.

Where the pharmacist incorrectly scan checks a pack, the pack count is not increased and the Scan Check Error prompt is displayed:

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As per the existing scan check process, the pharmacist is required to select [C] to Continue scan checking.

  • If the next pack scans correctly, the Multipack Script window will continue to count the correctly scanned packs.
  • If the pharmacist closes the Multipack Script window after an incorrect scan, the following warning will display:

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  • Click Yes to return to the Pharmacist Check Screen. A red XS icon will display next to the script indicating an incorrect scan check has occurred.
  • Click No to return to the Multipack scan screen to continue the scan check.

Two new multipack icons have been added to the Dispense Legends:

  • An orange indicates that not all packs in a multipack have been scan checked.
  • An orange SS indicates that the script was partially scan checked after the script was sold, but not all packs were scanned.


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Dispense Updates will automatically apply at any point in the month

Previously, dispense updates only automatically imported in the first week of the month. From Minfos 6.5.1, any updates will be applied automatically as part of the end of day process. This means that your pharmacy will receive late changes or inclusions in the Dispense Update without the need to run a manual update.

Enhancements to Dispensing History Report

Some minor changes make the Dispensing History Report easier to read and more user friendly:

  • The Ent Type now displays the correct entitlement status at the time the script was dispensed.
  • The Drug Name column no longer overlaps when the drug name is too long.
  • A new MNPN column displays the MNPN of the item dispensed.
  • The Online Incentive column has been removed as it is no longer required.

These changes are included in each of the report formats.

Receive owing scripts via ASL

You can now receive owing scripts from ASL more easily, using the new Select from ASL button in the Script Owing Details window. You will be able to select the relevant script from the customer’s ASL, and have the barcode imported directly into the Script Owing Details window.

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ASL Dialog has new features

There are two new features on the ASL dialog when it is accessed from the Dispense form.

  1. Copy Token – this button allows you to easily copy the eScript token and paste it into another Minfos window or external file
  2. Filter by Drug – this filter helps you quickly find a script in the patient’s ASL

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MPP description is now displayed for script prescribed by active ingredient

When a script has been prescribed by active ingredient

 Minfos will now display

  • the Medicinal Product Pack (MPP) drug description beside the PBS Code in the title bar of the Drug Recall window.
  • For an eScript the full drug description on the eScript window and the Pharmacist Check screen.

This is helpful with Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP) to ensure you select the correct drug that the prescriber prescribed. 

Date of birth prompt for paper scripts for monitored items in NSW

New South Wales will begin rolling out Real Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) in late 2021.
Minfos monthly dispense updates handle the monitored data to support RTPM for each state using the AMT. 

In all states with RTPM, a patient’s date of birth (DOB) is required when dispensing a monitored item. Where a customer’s DOB is not already recorded a prompt is displayed:

In keeping with Health guidelines, NSW Health strongly encourage recording DOBs when dispensing all monitored items, however in NSW, the patient’s DOB is only mandatory for eScripts. In preparation for RTPM rollout in NSW when a paper (ETP1 or manual paper) script is dispensed for a monitored item and the patient’s DOB is not recorded the following prompt will display:

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The dispenser can then enter the patient’s DOB or select OK to continue without it. Leaving the Date of Birth field empty will not restrict the script from being dispensed.

Requesting a NASH SHA-2 certificate

Since 2012, Services Australia have issued NASH SHA-1 certificates to allow healthcare organisations to connect to various digital health services. To provide stronger protection, SHA-1 NASH certificates are now being replaced by SHA-2 NASH certificates.

Connections to digital health services MUST transition from NASH SHA-1 to NASH SHA-2 certificates. The option to receive a SHA-1 certificate will no longer be available after 13 March 2022.

Organisations need to update to Minfos software version 6.5.1 before renewing their NASH certificate. If you do not update your software you will not be able to request a SHA-2 certificate.


Stock Manager

Configure how a broken pack is counted towards your SOH

You can now choose how a broken pack is counted towards your stock on hand (SOH). This change will give you more control over how you record your stock, and let you choose the system that suits your store best.

Broken packs have historically been recorded as a complete pack. You will now have the choice to continue counting broken packs as a full pack, or to exclude them from SOH. You will still be able to see the number of tablets stocked in a broken pack by checking the Sub-units on hand.  

When you change the configuration, Minfos will run a utility to update your SOH to match the new setting. This will find all items with a sub-unit, representing a broken pack, and remove them from stock on hand, reducing the SOH by one for each broken pack.

Recommendation Prior to changing how your SOH displays we recommend you run the Broken Pack Quantities Report. This will allow you to review all products that have a broken pack recorded against their SOH. This is also a good opportunity to ensure the SOH of these products is correct.

To apply this new configuration:

  1. Navigate to the Shop Configuration screen
  2. Open the General tab
  3. Tick the Broken Pack decreases SOH checkbox
  4. Click OK

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A confirmation dialogue window Broken packs will not be counted in SOH as a full pack will display.

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  1. Click OK to confirm, or
    1. Click Cancel to return to Shop Configuration without changing the Broken Pack setting

A progress bar will display while the utility adjusts your SOH.

  1. Wait for the progress bar to complete.
Note When Broken Pack decreases SOH is ticked, the Whole Packs in stock on the Broken Pack Quantities Report will match the current SOH.
To access this report from the Stock Manager module, click Reports > Stock Reports > Broken Pack Quantities Report.


Order Maintenance screen enhancements

The Order Maintenance screen has been enhanced with more user friendly controls, allowing Stock Controllers to manage orders quickly and easily.

  1. A new Created Date column has been added, reducing your need to click into orders to view identifying details.
  2. Orders can now be sorted by clicking these header columns:
  • Order No.
  • Created Date
  • Status
  • Supplier
  • Invoice Number
  • Description

Click the same header to switch the order from ascending to descending, and vice versa. Pressing [F2] will return the screen to the default sort order.

  1. A new scroll bar replaces the existing Next and Previous buttons, speeding up navigation.
  2. A new Product Quick Fix button launches it directly from Order Maintenance. The new button lets you assign attributes to the contents of an order without needing to navigate away to another location. You can also use the keyboard shortcut [Alt+U].
  3. The Completed Orders button at the bottom left of the screen replaces the old checkbox.
  4. The Delete button will now have the shortcut [Alt+D].
The Completed Orders screen has also been updated. Double clicking a selected order will now open the Order Enquiry Screen, and the Sort button has been removed. 



Customer Accounts can now be paid via direct debit

Minfos can now process customer accounts payments via direct debit. When you enable this feature, you will be able to receive and reconcile customer account payments via direct debit at the end of each month.



More informative error messages when adding new loyalty members

Error messages will now display more relevant information if issues arise while adding a new customer to your loyalty program. These informative messages will help you troubleshoot the issue quickly.


Copy a completed promotion

This new feature allows you to duplicate a previously run promotion, enabling you to copy all products across, including local products without an MNPN. This saves you from manually keying local products that have not been imported through Minfos. It also removes the need to export a previously completed promotion.

The copy promotion function creates an entirely new promotion, with a new promotion code, rather than reusing the original, which allows you to retain the reporting data from the original, as well as the new promotion.

You can also select multiple promotions to copy at once.


Technical Tips

New Options to support Office 365 & Gmail

Extended configuration options have been added to Email Configuration to support Office 365 & Gmail email options.

Please refer to your hardware technician for setup or trouble shooting if you have been experiencing issues with your email.

1. We have replaced the SSL checkbox with a Server Security Settings drop down box with the following options:

  1. None
  2. SSL on connect
  3. Auto
  5. STARTTLS when available
Note If you were configured to use SSL previously this will select SSL on connect by default. 

2. A new checkbox has been added to the Email Statement Configuration screen: Limit transmission rate to 30 Emails per minute.

This option can be ticked where your email provider restricts you from sending more than 30 emails per minute.

Once applied, Minfos will slow down the number of emails sent per minute to ensure the maximum is not exceeded.

Further information for Hardware technicians

3. The Username field has been extended to allow an email address to be entered when using a Gmail or Office365/Outlook account.


If using port 465 or port 587, an app password can be generated and used with your account email as credentials. 2 Factor Authentication must be enabled for this to be available. See here for steps on how to generate an app password.

Alternatively, you may configure your Gmail account to allow access by less secure apps. This option is only available if you do not have 2 Factor Authentication enabled. Once enabled, the email account password can be used in the credentials. More information here.

Note This is less secure than using 2 Factor Authentication or an app password.

Office365 (Outlook)

Port 465 does not appear to be supported.

If using port 587, an app password can be generated and used with your account email as credentials. 2 Factor Authentication must be enabled for this to be available. See here for steps on how to generate an app password.

Resolved Issues

  1. Keyboard shortcut for Customer’s Date Stamped Notes has been assigned [Alt+D] and will now bring up the Add Date Stamped Note dialog.
  2. Printing the Claim Form on the Repeats will now print the Original PBS Approval number.
  3. It is no longer possible to Edit a script via the Pharmacist Check Screen when it is locked at the Till.  
  4. Scanning an eScript barcode in the Script Owing Details window will now automatically display the eScript dialog.
  5. Occasionally when a patient filled a MediSecure eScript in another pharmacy, then returns to the original pharmacy for the repeat, an error Barcode does not exist appeared. This has now been resolved and the correct information will be uploaded to MediSecure.  
  6. Minfos will no longer stop the pharmacist from dispensing a repeat of a S4D item when more than 6 months has elapsed.
  7. Changing from a patient with no Special Price set to a patient with Special Price will now set the price correctly.  
  8. The PDE on the drug usage report will now display in full.  
Stock Manager
  1. Using Accept All in Price Maintenance will now be recorded in the Audit Log.
  2. Occasionally the GPR report will display an extra cent to the Retail price.   This has now been resolved and the GPR report will display the same as the stock card.
  3. Selecting Update Retail Units for A.P.I RETAIL FILE in the Wholesaler Updates will now update the Retail Units for API.   
  1. Selecting to view account transactions in Customer Account Enquiry will no longer appear to have crashed.
  1. Queueing and printing more than 7 eScripts from the eQueue will now be printed out correctly.
  2. Minfos will no longer display an error message when manually retrieving a loyalty member and then placing them on hold.