From the Dispense Pro window:

1. Click the Maintenance menu [Alt+M] and select M.Drug Pricing [M].

The Drug Pricing window is displayed.

2. Click Find [Alt+F] to search for the required drug.

The Search window is displayed.

3. Enter the Drug Name and click Okay [Enter].

4. Highlight the required drug and click Change [Alt+C].

 The Drug Pricing Maintenance window is displayed.

5. Select the Price radio button and enter the price into the text box.

6. Review the Final Price, GP$ and GP% values.

Note:  If the final price is higher than the price entered in the fixed price field, the private minimum patient contribution may need to be adjusted in the Dispense Pro > Maintenance > Options window.

7. Click OK [Enter] to save the changes and close the Drug Pricing Maintenance window.

You are returned to the Drug Pricing window.

8. Products that have a Fixed Price will have FP to the right of the price column, to indicate fixed pricing has been set up.

Continue with steps 3 to 8, until all Fixed Pricing is configured.