Set up your Private Pricing table to allow you to quickly and easily set a mark up % and dispensing fee for both ready prepared and extemporaneous private scripts from the ADJ button on the Dispense Form while you are dispensing. For more information on pricing, refer to Dispense Pricing Overview.

To set up the Private Pricing table

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select N. Private Pricing Table.

The Private Pricing Table Maintenance window is displayed.

Note: The Default Mark-up and Default Fee for both Ready Prep. and Extemp. are not set up in this window. Refer to step 6 onward to update these.

2. Enter the required mark up in the Mark Up (%) fields, you can set up to 9 in this window e.g. 20.00, 30.00 40.00 etc.

3. Enter the required Dispensing Fee ($) in the Ready Prep. and Extemp. fields, you can set up to 9 in this window e.g. 1.00, 2.00.

Tip: The Mark Up (%) and the Dispensing Fee ($) are independent of each other and any mark up can be used with any fee when pricing a script.

4. Click OK to save the changes.

The Save Changes prompt is displayed.

5. Click Yes.

The Dispense Pro module is displayed.

6. To update the Default Mark-Up and Default Fee for Ready Prep. and Extemp., click the Maintenance menu and select C. Options

The Options window is displayed.

7. In the Private Pricing section, enter the required dispensing fee in the Private Disp. Fee Ready Prep. and Extemp. fields.

8. Update the Mark Up field.

9. Click Okay to save.

Use the Private Pricing Table to price a private script:

1. From the Dispense Form with a private drug selected, press [Alt + J] or click ADJ.

The Private Pricing window is displayed.

2. Use your mouse to select the required Mark Up (%) and Dispensing Fee ($) option or press [Alt + corresponding number or letter). 

a. To save the mark up and dispensing fee selected for ALL future dispensings of the item, click Update Drug With Changes

b. To only use this pricing for this dispensing, click OK.