The Increase RP by Markup% option allows you to increase the retail price for your selected category by a markup percentage amount.

To Increase the retail price by Markup%:

From the Price Manager: Pricing Review window with the appropriate Filter applied:

1. From the Increase RP Markup% field, enter the required markup% and press [Tab].

The Price Manager: Pricing Review window will update and display data in the New RP, New GP% and New GP$ fields.

Note: KVI lines are automatically included and cannot be excluded. Refer to Price Manager: Apply a GP% or Markup% performance guideline

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2. If required, use the Round to options to round the retail prices to the nearest 5c or 9c.

3. Review the suggested new pricing (click here to learn how to adjust a New RP), then apply the required new prices. For instructions, see Apply suggested new pricing.