Configurable Audible and Visual alerts for PBS Rejections

Configure your Minfos Dispense Form to display a visual alert and/or play an audible sound when you receive a PBS Rejection.

Audible Alert

Dispense Sounds have been extended to allow you to configure a sound to play when you receive a PBS rejection in Dispense. When a rejection is received from PBS Online the alert will sound on every workstation where the Dispense Form is open. You will also be alerted if there are any errors in the PBS Transactions list when the Dispense Form is first opened.

Refer to Set up Audible Dispense Alerts in Minfos to learn more.

Visual Alert

When configured and a new PBS rejection is received, the PBS Online Panel Display on the Dispense Form will flash (the background colour will alternate in two second intervals) between:

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The flashing will stop when you:

1. Edit the rejected script, correct the issue causing the rejection and save and process the script (re-submit to PBS Online) or,

2. Open the List of Rejected/Pending Scripts window (Show Errors checkbox checked) to view the PBS Rejection. You do not need to action the rejection at this time, but the visual alert will cease on the Dispense Form on all workstations

Note: Opening the List of Rejected/Pending Scripts window (with only Show Warnings checked by default) will NOT remove the visual alert.

The visual alert will also display when you open the Dispense Form and there are rejection/s in the List of Rejected/Pending Scripts window (Show Errors checkbox checked) that have not been viewed.

Refer to Visual Alert for PBS Rejections for more information.

Manage PBS Online Status Panel Display refresh rate

If you find the new alerts are not prompt enough you can adjust the refresh rate on the PBS Online Panel Display on the Dispense Form.

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Refer to PBS Online Status Panel Display refresh rate for more information.

Option to print repeat eScript tokens on A5

There is now an option to print repeat eScript tokens on A5, instead of A4.

Refer to Configure eScript Repeats to print on A5 to adjust your settings.

Note: This token is not designed to print on a Repeat Authorisation Form. PBS stationery is for the intended purposes of printing a repeat authorisation for a paper prescription. It is important that printed tokens for an ePrescription and a repeat authorisation for a paper prescription look different to avoid confusion for the supply of each.

New South Wales pharmacies - Date of birth is now mandatory for all prescriptions

From the 1st of November 2022 all prescriptions and dispensing records in NSW require the patient’s date of birth (DOB).

In preparation for this change, after updating to 7.3.1, when saving and processing a prescription for a patient who does not have a DOB recorded, the Patient Date of Birth prompt is displayed.

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You will need to enter the patient’s DOB to complete the dispensing. Minfos will save the DOB to the patient’s record.

Refer to NSW Health for more information.

Improved drug matching for private scripts not prescribed by active ingredient

Previously for private prescriptions, where the PBS code is not provided and it did not match the active ingredient prescribing (AIP), Minfos could not find a correct match for the prescribed item.

We have drug improved matching of private scripts, so they now also refer to the Medication Product Pack (MPP) and Trade Product Pack (TPP) if this has been provided with the script information.

Address Labels

We’ve added a new address label template for use in Dispense as an alternative to the existing address label. The new address label is customisable through the Dispense Template Editor. The default labels (provided by Minfos), contain existing address label information as well as other important customer information requested by you to assist with processes such as customer deliveries and ensuring retention of script in store. We also now display address information on the small label.

Some of the new information displayed on the address labels include:

  • The scripts on file indicator
  • Customer date of birth
  • Customer mobile number

Example Labels:



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Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

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Refer to Dispense Address Labels to learn how to set up the new custom address labels.

If you currently do not use the custom totals labels, ensure you set up your Dispense Label Printer, click here to learn how.

For TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacies - myTWC Medication Reminders Integration

Minfos now integrates with the myTWC Medication Reminders service, allowing the dispenser to easily see the patient’s current myTWC Medication Reminders enrolment status. Any patients not enrolled in the service, can be enrolled directly form the Dispense Form.

When you update to 7.3.1, a new icon is displayed on the Dispense Form when a patient is selected. Hovering your mouse over the icon will provide more information on the patient’s enrolment status.

Refer to myTWC Medication Reminders for more information.


Robotic dispense - Minfos will now perform an auto synch as part of End of Day

As part of End of Day (EOD) Minfos will now automatically update the robot stock count, removing the need for you to manually perform a daily synch via the Robotic Drug List Maintenance window.

Stock Manager

Price Manager Enhancements

A number of improvements have been made to Price Manager to increase productivity and reduce the need to navigate out of the window to perform an action to a stock card.

1. The Price Manager window size has been increased, allowing more data to be displayed in the default view.

2. Column Header sorting is now available, allowing you to change the sort order to action products where the values are lower or higher, for example, you may only want to action pricing where the products have a high unit cost.
  • To change the sort order based on a column header, simply click the column header you want to sort by e.g. Unit Cost. When you first click the column header the display will update to display lowest cost to highest cost. Click the column header again to flip the sort order from highest to lowest
  • Press [F2] to clear any filters and sorting changes and take you back to the default view (alphabetically by Product Name)
  • Further filtering for example, Stocked status, and the options in the Pricing Review filter can continue to be applied to refine your results
  • Where the values are the same for example, multiple products have the same unit cost, the sort will display by unit cost, then by alphabetical order
  • When you check the Inc. KVI checkbox, and sort by any ‘New’ column, the value from the corresponding ‘Cur’ (current) column is used for that product

3. You can now view and add information notes to a product in Price Manager, simply highlight the required product and click Info. Refer to Add information notes to products for more information

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Order Maintenance - Collect Invoices is now a single option

Collecting invoices in Order Maintenance is now easier as there is only one option to manually collect invoices from ordering gateways e.g. PharmX or the FTP for electronic stock transfers.

You no longer need to pre-select an order to be able to collect invoices, simply open Order Maintenance and click Collect Invoices. Any invoices awaiting collection from the configured gateway and supplier (including electronic Stock Transfers) will be downloaded into a Received status in Minfos.

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  • A prompt is displayed to indicate invoices are being collected
  • Once collected, invoices will display in a Received status
  • If there are no invoices to collect the following prompt is displayed. Click OK to close

Graphical user interface, application

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Note: If you have Automatic Invoice Collection configured, this will continue to automatically collect your invoices from PharmX, however the Collect Invoices option needs to be used to collect electronic stock transfers. It also can be helpful if you know an invoice is available but don’t want to wait until it automatically collects. Automatic Invoice collection cannot be used if you run dual businesses.

If you have multiple accounts with a supplier, ensure you have added the account in Minfos, refer to Add Multiple Accounts to a Supplier to learn how.


Manage default account settings when adding a customer

A new configuration option has been added to give you control of the default settings for the statement type and charge interest on overdue accounts checkboxes when you add a new customer to Minfos.

To adjust the configuration: 

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Special menu and select Utilities.

The Utilities module is displayed.

2. Click the Config menu and select 1. Shop Configuration.

The Shop Configuration window is displayed.

3. Click the Customers tab.

Graphical user interface, application

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4. By default, the new Un-tick Statement type & Interest for new customers checkbox will be unchecked, therefore the Charge Interest on overdue amounts and Print Statements checkboxes will be checked in the Accounts tab when adding a new customer to Minfos (this is the current behaviour). If you check the Un-tick Statement type & Interest for new customers checkbox, when you add a customer, you will need check the appropriate option for each customer.



Minfos now only supports Promotion Maintenance

All pharmacies have been switched from the unsupported promotions module:

To Promotion Maintenance:


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Refer to Promotion Maintenance Overview for more information.



Enhancements to Credit Card Surcharge functionality

If you have configured a credit card surcharge in Minfos, it is now applied to the Card Total field in the corresponding Till window, for all transactions including:

  • Customer account payments
  • Starting a new layby
  • Lay By payments

Refer to Set up Credit Card Surcharge for more information about setting up a credit card surcharge.


Multi-store - Stock on hand quantities now only display for stores that have stock

For stores who are part of a multi-store group, the SOH tab in the product stock card now only displays values for products when the other stores in your group have a SOH value that is not zero. Previously, Minfos displayed values for all stores within your multi-store group, even if the SOH was zero and stored this information locally. If the SOH for the product never fluctuated at the store i.e. was not sold, purchased or count adjusted, the values would never update again meaning they were out of date and unhelpful when looking up which stores in your group have SOH you could draw from.

From 7.3.1 onward, Minfos will only display values in the SOH tab where the SOH is not zero.

Where the SOH is zero, Minfos will display '---'.

Note: You may continue to see '0' values for a few months as Minfos removes these dated records.

Resolved Issues

  1. Editing a script while the Script Locked prompt is displayed at the Till will no longer cause duplicated entries at the Till.
  2. The Drug Usage by Manufacturer report will now display correctly when the Detail Level is set to Generic (Active Ingredient).
Stock Manager
  1. The Retail Price of a product no longer changes when the Unit Cost is set to 0.01.
  1. The Multistore SOH tab in the Product Edit window will now display the correct Retail Ex GST price for products with GST on sales.