The Minfos Promotions module allows you to effortlessly set up and manage your promotions. Minfos supports several types of promotions which enables pharmacies to choose the promotion type that best suits their needs.

The Minfos Promotion module allows you to:

  • Set up and run your own promotions
  • Import and run promotions from your banner group, head office or other stores
  • Export promotions
  • Report on your promotions


These articles relate to the Promotion Maintenance module.

To confirm your store has this module available:

1. From the Minfos Launchpad click on the Promotions icon.

The Promo Manager screen will be displayed.

2. In the top left hand corner you will see the Promotions Maintenance module.

3. If you do not see this icon please log a ticket with Minfos Support.

The Promotion Workflow

The basic promotion workflow is very similar for both store created promotions and promotions that are imported as a file.

Store created promotion workflow

1. Add a promotion.

2. Allocate products to the promotion.

3. Set promotion prices.

4. Review and action errors.

5. Start the promotion.

Imported promotion file workflow

1. Import a promotion.

2. Review and action errors.

3. Start the promotion.