In this course you will learn the skills you need to perform basic stock control functions using Minfos software. 

This learning pathway has been designed to share stock management knowledge essential to Stock Controllers and Retail Managers. It is also recommended for any team members who may be asked to cover these roles. 

Divided into digestible topics, each lesson or segment includes written materials and video demonstrations. Handy links that you may wish to save and refer to later are also highlighted.

For maximum benefit we recommend that you move through each of the learning activities in the order listed below. 

Don't forget to print or save the attached checklist to track your progress through this learning pathway. 

Topic 1 - Getting Started

This topic provides an overview of stock control tasks and shares handy tools to help you stay organised. This includes:

  • What is stock control
  • Common stock control tasks
  • Minfos features that help you stay organised

Topic 2 - Product Maintenance Basics

Learn all about stock cards in Minfos. This topic will cover:

  • What is a stock card
  • Navigating to Product Maintenance
  • The fields of a stock card 

Topic 3 - Add Products to your Database

In Minfos products can be added automatically via Minfos product updates, or locally in your pharmacy. This topic will cover both options, including:

  • Manual vs automated product updates
  • Minfos Direct Supplier MNPN updates
  • Minfos Wholesaler product updates
  • Manually add a stock card to your database
  • Copy an existing stock card
  • Use Quick Product Entry

Topic 4 - Product Maintenance Extras

This topic will demonstrate many of the frequently used and handy functions in Minfos Product Maintenance. You will learn how to:

  • Find stock cards
  • Edit and delete stock cards
  • View purchase and sales history
  • Add Product Info
  • View changes using Product Audit

Topic 5 - Supplier Maintenance

This topic explores supplier specific product attributes that affect ordering processes. You will learn about:

  • Retail Units
  • Shelf Packs
  • Minimum Order Quantities
  • Minimum and Maximum Shelf Holds
  • Order Multiples

Topic 6 - Category Maintenance

Categories allow you to group together items for ordering and reporting purposes. Learn:

  • Category types
  • Manage categories

Topic 7 - Create Orders

This topic will introduce the main types of orders that can be created in Minfos. Order types demonstrated include:

  • Usage Only orders
  • Out of Stock orders
  • Normal orders

Topic 8 - Review and Send Orders

Learn to review your orders and send your orders. This topic demonstrates how to:

  • Check orders before sending
  • Send orders manually or via PharmX gateway

Topic 9 - Receive and Complete Orders

After completing this topic you will know how to:

  • Collect invoices
  • Apply discounts and bonus stock to an invoice
  • Receive orders by tote (Symbion only)
  • Receive and complete orders

Topic 10 - Manage Credits

This topic will demonstrate how to manage supplier credits. Learn how to manage:

  • Manual supplier credits
  • Electronic supplier credits

Topic 11 - Stock Transfers

Learn how to confidently manage incoming and outgoing stock transfers in this topic. It will demonstrate how to:

  • Create a customer to send transfers to
  • Create and send a stock transfer
  • Create a supplier to receive transfers from
  • Receive and complete incoming stock transfers

Topic 12 - Labels

In Minfos, there are a variety of screens where you can immediately print labels or send labels to a queue and print them later. This topic will demonstrate how to:

  • Print labels immediately from various screens in Minfos
  • Add labels to the Label Queue from various screens in Minfos
  • Manage and print labels from the Label Queue

Track your progress
We recommend you print or save the attached checklist to keep track of your training progress.

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