Price Indicator now displays in Dispense

A new Price Indicator has been added to the Dispense Form to show how the price to customer has been determined.

When the price to customer is not using the standard PBS or private pricing formula, the indicator will display. This is particularly helpful where a price has not been set for a quantity that you dispense often. The Price Indicator will inform you that no price is set, or that the price is being calculated using the set price for a different quantity of the selected drug. You can then set a price for this drug/quantity.

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Click on the Price Indicator to display a Legend with the meaning of each indicator.

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Blue Price Indicator

A blue icon informs you that a price has been actively set by one of the following methods:

  • Maintaining a Set Price for the selected drug and quantity
  • Setting a Special Price for the patient for the selected drug and quantity
  • Setting a Minimum Patient Contribution value in Dispense Options

Orange Price Indicator

An orange icon informs you that the price has been calculated, using the set price for a different quantity of the selected drug.

This price may need to be reviewed to ensure the calculated price is appropriate.

No price indicator

No icon will display when

  • The price attracts a government co-payment, e.g. for a concessional patient
  • The price to customer in the Price field has been manually changed
  • A price has not been set for any quantity of the selected drug. In this case Minfos will use the standard PBS or private pricing formula to calculate the price to customer
  • Patient does not have a Special Price set for the selected drug and quantity
  • The price to customer is not under any set Minimum Patient Contribution value in Dispense Options

For more information on maintaining drug pricing refer to:

Changes to how customers receive eScript repeats

When a patient is registered with an Active Script List (ASL) almost all [1] their eScripts can simply be uploaded to their ASL meaning they will no longer need to receive a token. By only uploading repeats to the ASL the patients no longer need to be concerned about the location of their tokens, and can simply direct the pharmacy to their ASL to access their scripts.

To align with this, from 6.4.2, Minfos will not automatically send a token to the patient when a repeat for an eScript is checked to be uploaded to the patient’s ASL. If the patient requires a token in addition to their ASL upload, you can manage this from the Save and Process dialog at the end of the dispensing process.

Even if a patient has not been registered with an ASL yet you are now able to customise how the customer receives their token on a per script basis.

Changes in 6.4.2

  • The Issue Repeat Token screen has been removed. This screen previously displayed when there were no saved contact details for the patient (email or mobile number)
  • You are now able to manage how a token is issued to the patient from the Save and Process screen with the Issue Repeat Token dropdown menu, by selecting one of these options:
    • Do not send token
    • Do not send, print token
    • Email
    • Mobile (Note: Mobile will only display if the Dispense Configuration Issue token to email only is unticked)
  • When Email or Mobile is selected, you will be able to edit the default email or mobile number entered and choose whether to save this back to the patient’s profile

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For further information, see Manage how a patient receives their eScripts repeat

[1]Some states restrict certain medications from being uploaded to a patient’s ASL. A prescriber may also choose to prevent a script from being uploaded.

eQueue Docket Printing is now optional

This update includes enhanced printing options for the eQueue. Stores moving towards paperless processes can choose to not print a docket at all, or print only the customer or pharmacy copy. You still have the option to print both paper dockets.

You are now able to configure what prints when a basket is saved to the eQueue. The options available are

  1. Always print (default) - Both customer and pharmacy copy of the eQueue docket will print
  2. Don’t print - Neither copy of the eQueue docket will print when scripts are queued for a customer
  3. Only print pharmacy copy - Only the internal (Pharmacy copy) of the docket will print. Note this is the copy that prints the eScript tokens as well as any customer notes
  4. Only print customer copy - Only the customer copy of the docket will print

The eQueue docket printing settings can be changed on the General tab of the Shop Configuration screen. For further information, see Configure eQueue docket printing settings

Printed Repeat Token now displays drug detail in the top half of the A4

Based on your feedback the layout of printed A4 repeat token has been updated to display Customer and Drug details on the top of the page. When folded in half, the token can now be stored and viewed as an A5, allowing you to quickly find the desired script in the filing system.


New Itemised AR Statement

A new option has been added to Reprint AR Customer Statements which displays the details related to the transfer. When selected, the statement will display an itemised list of all items and quantities invoiced to the customer, allowing AR customers to reconcile their account using a lower level of detail. If a reference was added to the transfer at the time of creation, this will also display on the statement.

To print a detailed AR Customer Statement:

  1. Navigate to Receivables
  2. Select Reprint Statements
  3. From the Reprint Statements dialog select the customer range and tick Show Detail
  4. The Statement is displayed with the reference information and as an itemised list of items supplied in the transfer

Resolved Issues

  1. Private script pricing for CTG patients can now be manually changed.
  2. The Medicare Expiry date now displays correctly on the eScript Details - Copy of Repeat Authorisation window.  
  3. Changing customer, drug or quantity no longer retains the Special Price checkbox.
  4. Script Enquiry will now display all scripts dispensed and won’t skip a script when going to the next page.
  5. Streamline code will no longer be displayed from a previous eScript.
  6. Deferred scripts which have been received will no longer show up as Outstanding Repeats.
  7. Phone Approval Number will now be displayed for a MediSecure eScript.
  8. In some scenarios, previously when sending an eScript from MedAdvisor PlusOne was not populating the dispense form correctly.   This has been resolved and the dispense form will now be populated.  
  9. Minfos will no longer report Server Busy when accessing Customer Editing screen.
  10. Minfos Robotic Drugs Database will no longer be populated with products that are not stocked in the Robot.
Stock Manager
  1. The Reference field in Transfer will now be saved correctly when completing a Transfer.
  2. For some products, Sales Enquiry is displaying blank transaction lines.  This has now been resolved and Sales Enquiry will now display correctly. 
Server Errors
  1.  An issue has been identified where Minfos reported errors incorrectly. This has now been resolved.