This article covers the recommended steps and process when either Selling your pharmacy or Buying a pharmacy that currently runs Minfos. 

Selling your pharmacy

TaskMinfos Help Centre Solution Article
Review and reconcile owing scriptsOwing Scripts Report
Receive an Owing Script
Open a new claim, edit the claim and close claimClaims Folder
Export your Schedule 8 reportCreate a S8 export file in SA Format
Stocktake, if required.Third Party Stocktake guide
Stocktake Overview
Take a copy of your Minfos DatabaseLeaving Minfos? How to preserve your Minfos Database
Selling but not taking a copy of your Minfos Database, we recommend you keep a copy of these reportsOwing Scripts Report
Print Interim Account Statements
Aged Debtors Report
Stock Transfer Accounts:Stock on Hand report
Layby Report
GST Audit Report
Debtors Report
Trade Creditors Report
GST Sales Audit report

Buying a pharmacy

TaskMinfos Help Centre Solution Article
Change the Approval NumberChanging the Pharmacy Approval Number
Update the Business detailsUpdate your pharmacy name and details in Minfos
Import the stocktake file, if required.Third Party Stocktake guide
Add in new pharmacists/sales clerks etc.Pharmacist Maintenance
Add a Salesperson
Set up Pharmacist as Prescriber
Set up My Health RecordMy Health Record
Review Customer Account informationCustomer Enquiry for Additional Account Charges
Change Bank Account Details on Customer Statements
Create PharmX AccountsCreate accounts for PharmX suppliers
Change the Preferred WholesalerChange your Preferred Wholesaler
New to Minfos? Refer to Minfos Essentials for New Customers to ensure you enjoy a smooth start to your Minfos journey.