Q. Why can’t I connect to eRx?

A.  There are two likely reasons that you cannot connect to eRx:

  1. eRx is unavailable. This rarely occurs as eRx has high availability. If Minfos is aware that eRx is down we, or the eRx, will send an email notifying of the issue and when it has been resolved.
  2. Issues with your internet connectivity. If your pharmacy is experiencing internet issues, contact your internet service provider and your preferred Hardware Vendor.

Q. What do I do if I cannot download an eScript from eRx?

A.  An eScript cannot be dispensed manually. You will need to wait until the issue is resolved before you can dispense the eScript.

Alternatively, you can contact the prescriber and request a paper prescription, or they may authorise an owing for the eScript, which you can reconcile when the service/internet is available.

Q. Why does the paper token say “Script details not available”? 

A.  The eScript was not available to download from eRx at the time of scanning the QR code from the Till. Minfos still prints the paper copy of the token for you to queue the script in dispense. The issue may simply have been an internet connectivity issue at the time of scanning. If the issue persists, for example it is an issue with the script not the internet, you will be prompted with an error in dispense to allow for further troubleshooting.  

Q. Can I print the token to an A4 printer rather than a docket printer?

A.  Yes, refer to the Printing a token from a workstation other than the till section.

Q. What options are available for printed tokens?

A. A4 Full Page, A4 Half Page (this can then be cut or folded in half) and A5, refer to Repeat eScript Token Print Configuration to adjust your configuration.

Q. A patient has contacted my pharmacy to say they didn’t receive their token via SMS or email, can I help?

A.  If your pharmacy has been involved in the eScript chain of supply; the pharmacist can reissue a token (see the Reissue a Token to a patient section of this guide.). eRx will find the active Repeat Token and send it to the patient electronically. However, if there is no active repeat available, the patient will not receive a token. The pharmacist will not know the outcome of re-issuing a token electronically, unless the patient contacts the pharmacy again.

If you are a Tasmanian store and the repeat token is for a Schedule 8 eScript refer to Schedule 8 repeat tokens section of this guide.

Or refer to the eScript PDS Errors article.

Q. Why does the information displayed on the Dispense Form, differ from the eScript Details window?

A.  The information on the Copy of Original eScript is exactly what the doctor entered into the prescribing software.

When the electronic data is uploaded into eRx by the prescriber and downloaded into the dispensing software the data may have been interpreted differently. For example, direction shorthand codes (SIGs) can vary between prescribing and dispensing software.

To improve outcomes:

  • If the Directions are different - the doctor’s shorthand codes can be manually added into Minfos as SIGs (see Create a new SIG ) to minimise this issue in the future
  • You can View the eScript in raw XML format, this can be helpful if you need additional information or clarification

Q. How do I change the default send method with issuing or reissuing a token?

A.  If both email and mobile are available, then by default the token will be sent to the patient’s mobile.

  • You can change the configuration so the default reissue token is email, the dispenser can still manually select SMS

Refer to Repeat Token Configuration for more information.

Q. Can I print my repeat eScript tokens on PBS Repeat Authorisation Forms?

A. No, repeat eScript tokens are not designed to print on a Repeat Authorisation Form. PBS stationery is for the intended purposes of printing a repeat authorisation for a paper prescription. It is important that printed tokens for an ePrescription and a repeat authorisation for a paper prescription look different to avoid confusion for the supply of each.

Q. A regulatory body has requested a copy of an eScript, what do I give them? 

A.  Please see the eScript Audit Report article.

Q. How do I keep eScripts on file for a customer?  

A.  A paper copy of the token can be printed and kept with the customer’s paper prescriptions. Alternatively, when the customer requests their prescriptions you can refer to the patient’s script history to identify if the script is an eScript. If it is, then use the G. Get Repeat option from the Script Options menu to download the eScript, or you can Dispense from a Patient's ASL. For more information, refer to the Manage eScript tokens for Scripts on File customers article.

Q. Connectivity to eRx was lost after the eScript was downloaded, can I still dispense it?

A.  Yes as you have the details of the prescription available to dispense and verify the prescription. Minfos will save the information that needs to be sent to eRx after dispensing occurs and continue to retry until successful.

Q. If an eScript is dispensed in Minfos and then deleted, is a new token issued to the patient?

A.  No, a new token is not issued. The patient will use the original token issued to them from either the prescriber or the repeat token issued by a pharmacy.

Q. My pharmacy is in Tasmania, why do repeat tokens print for S8 eScripts?

A. In line with Tasmanian state requirements, when a S8 ePrescription with repeats is dispensed, Minfos will automatically prevent the repeat being electronically sent to the patient. A paper token will be printed for you to retain on file for future supplies of the script.

Q. My pharmacy is in Western Australia, why do I not get prompted to Verify Script Authenticity for S8 eScripts?

A. S8 eScripts are automatically set as verification type ‘Electronic’. Therefore, when dispensing an S8 eScript, the ‘Verify Script Authenticity’ prompt will not display. For all paper prescriptions, the prompt will still display.

Q. My pharmacy is in South Australia, I sometimes see a Patient Address Required prompt when dispensing eScripts, what does it mean?

A. As part of the South Australian ePrescription legislation all patients must have address details recorded in their dispensing customer profile. If the patient does not have their street, suburb, state or postcode recorded in Minfos the following prompt will display when saving and processing an eScript.

A screenshot of a computer screen

Description automatically generated

To add an address:

1. Click Customer Change to display the Customer Editing window

2. Update the address details, click OK to save and close the Customer Editing window.

3. Then continue to save and process the script.

Click Cancel to close the Patient’s address required prompt. If you do not update the customers address details, you will not be able to save and process the ePrescription.

To avoid the Patient’s address required prompt, update the customer’s record from the Update Customer Details prompt, refer to the Dispensing an eScript article.