Minfos and MediSecure are now integrated for ePrescriptions. If your pharmacy is connected to the MediSecure Prescription Delivery Service (PDS) MediSecure eScripts will now be downloaded and uploaded via their service. 

New Minfos eQueue

Minfos eQueue is the next evolution in your ePrescriptions workflow. You can still print paper tokens or dispense eScripts directly into Dispense, however now you have the option to supersede these processes with eQueue.

eQueue is designed to help you more effectively manage the growing number of eScripts and paper prescriptions within your existing workflow.

There are now four options on how pharmacists can manage their eScripts basket and dispense workflow. When you receive an ePrescription, you can choose to:

1. Use eQueue to manage the dispense workflow electronically.

2. Continue to use the existing ePrescription paper token workflow.

3. Dispense eScripts directly into Dispense.

4. Or use a combination of the above.

eQueue is built so that it works smoothly with your existing workflow, providing Pharmacists with increased flexibility.

Key features:

  • Easily add an eScript to the queue from the Till, Till module or Dispense
  • Group multiple eScripts from a single patient together into a single electronic basket
  • Combine a family’s eScripts into a single electronic basket
  • eQueue automatically manages the order of the script baskets based on wait times
  • Efficiently dispense the next script waiting in the queue
  • Manage eScripts, paper or a mixture of both
Note Minfos will continue to update the ePrescription dispense process to meet government regulations and usability.


Add to eQueue:

When a patient presents their scripts in-store, the staff member is able to add the basket entry to the eQueue. Depending on if you use a forward/direct dispense model or ‘script-in’ counters, the basket can be queued from the Till, the Till module or the Dispense.

The eQueue – Add to Queue form allows you to capture important information about the customer including their eScripts tokens, if they want generics, and if they are waiting or coming back for their scripts.

View the eQueue:

Once a basket has been queued, the dispenser can easily view and dispense from the eQueue window.

The script queue is in chronological order with waiting customers at the top of the queue. Baskets that are for ‘calling back’ customers will be queued based on their return date and time.

For more information on how to incorporate the eQueue into your current workflow, refer to the following articles:

Accessing the eQueue - Add to Queue form

Overview of the eQueue - Add to Queue form

Add a Basket to the eQueue

eQueue Dockets

Managing the eQueue

Dispense from the eQueue

Note The eQueue has replaced the Scripts Waiting functionality. While most of the Scripts Waiting functionality has been retained in the new eQueue, notable differences include:

The number of scripts including eScripts can now be recorded.

Notes can be added electronically to the basket to communicate important information to the dispensary.

The eQueue is now only queued by date and time, not by recall number.

The dockets layout and look is different but contains the same information.
Ability to Reset a Pharmacist Password

A Reset Password option has been added to Pharmacist Maintenance, allowing pharmacists to easily reset their password. The password does not need to be in a locked state to reset it.

Refer to Reset a Pharmacist Password for more information.

Issue eScript Tokens by Email Only

Some pharmacies have expressed a concern about the cost of sending tokens via SMS. To address this, Minfos has added a new dispense configuration to enable pharmacies to issue tokens by email only.

When the Issue token to email only checkbox is selected, when saving and processing an eScript, Minfos checks the patient’s profile for an email address. If no email exists, the Issue Repeat Token prompt is displayed with the options to Email or Print the token. Mobile is not an option.

Refer to Repeat Token Configuration to adjust your configuration. 

Ability to Defer an ePrescription

As there is only one item per ePrescription, there are limited reasons to defer an eScript. However, you may find that you need to defer an eScript:

1. If you use Quick Dispense via Minfos Packing or another Third Party Packing provider. Deferring the script gives the packing system visibility that a new script is available.

2. For Scripts on File customers, you may choose to defer their eScripts so that you are aware the patient has a new script on file when viewing the patient’s history in Minfos. Alternatively, you could print a paper copy of the token and put this in the patient’s file.

To defer an eScript follow the same process as a paper prescription.
New Filter in Edit Claim

A dropdown filter has been added to the Edit Claim dialog to display:

  • All scripts i.e. both paper and ePrescriptions. This option in selected by default.
  • eScripts only
  • Paper scripts only

This filter can be useful if:

1. You sort your paper claim. The ‘eScripts only’ option can be selected to identify scripts that may appear as missing as there is no paper script but are in fact an ePrescription.

2. You use an online prescription storage system. You can use the ‘eScripts only’ option to identify scripts that have not been uploaded, as they are an ePrescription.

The Edit Claim window can be printed to assist with reconciling your claim or you could include a printed list of ePrescriptions with your paper claim for future reference.


List of PDS Error Responses for eScripts

A new error queue for PDS responses has been added to the Dispense Form. When an eScript is uploaded to the PDS and an error is returned, it will queue here. The current notification from the PDS will still display in the bottom right hand corner of the Dispense Form.

Like the PBS error queue, it is very important to regularly review the PDS error queue and correct any errors as soon as possible. This will ensure that eScripts are uploaded to the PDS, completing the dispense process and ensures the patient receive their repeat tokens.

Refer to eScript PDS Errors for more information.  

Extemporaneous eScripts

When an extemporaneous eScript is scanned in the Dispense Form, Minfos will attempt to match the drug based on the PBS code provided by the prescriber. If no match can be made or the prescriber did not include a PBS code the Generic Sub Listing window is displayed. The dispenser will need to choose the active ingredient before displaying the Drug Recall window.


Improvements to managing 'invalid' ePrescriptions

We have improved the workflow when removing an invalid eScript from circulation. Refer to the ePrescriptions guide for more information on invalid ePrescriptions.

Refer to How to Cancel an 'Invalid' ePrescription for more information.

Ability to View Deleted eScripts

Original eScript details can now be viewed for a deleted eScript when the deleted eScript has been retained in the patient’s history. 

Refer to Retain Deleted Scripts in Patient History to adjust your configuration.

Scripts on File indicator on Pharmacist Check screen

The Scripts on File indicator now displays in the Pharmacist Check screen.

For more information, refer to the following articles:

Pharmacist Check screen

Perform a Scan Check

Changes to Script Editing Mode

When a script is in Script Editing Mode, it is now locked and is not available for editing on other workstations. This is to minimise potential data loss. If another dispenser attempts to edit the same script, a prompt will be displayed and advise what workstation it is currently being editing on. If the script is stuck in Edit Mode, it can be unlocked by editing the script on the station listed in the prompt.


When a script is in Script Editing Mode, you will also no longer be able to invoice it to an account from dispense.

Receive Paper Scripts Via the PDS

Owing paper prescriptions, where the script only has one item listed, can now be received via the eRx or MediSecure barcode.

Refer to Receive an Owing Script for more information.

My Health Record Access Audit

In this version, we have added a My Health Record Access Audit. This report can be used to audit:

  • All; all My Health Record access will be displayed in the report
  • Search; where a pharmacist has searched a My Health Record will be displayed in the report
  • View; where a pharmacist has viewed a My Health Record will be displayed in the report
  • Upload; where records have been uploaded to a My Health Record will be displayed in the report
  • Delete; where an entry has been deleted from a My Health Record will be displayed in the report
Note User ID’s with Admin rights to Dispense Reports can access the audit. If a User ID is set to Change, View or None they will not have access to the My Health Record Access Audit.

Refer to My Health Record Access Audit for more information.

Robot SOH is now displayed in the Drug Recall Window

For pharmacies that have a robotic dispense machine, a new column ‘ROB SOH’ has been added to the Drug Recall Window. This will display the robot stock on hand of the product that is located in the robot. The SOH column displays the Minfos stock on hand i.e. the total stock that your pharmacy is holding for that product.

Product Merges

During a product merge, Minfos will now always add the slave product’s Primary Barcode as an alternate barcode to the master by default.

Refer to Action MNPN Product Merges for more information.

Customer notes to prompt at the Till

You can now add a note to a customer and when the customer is selected at the till, for example to recall the customer’s scripts or make an account payment, the note will display. You can further configure the note to always display or allow the salesperson to stop the prompt displaying again in the future.

Refer to Customer notes to prompt at the Till for more information.

New Gender Option

There is now a Not Stated gender option in Minfos. When a new customer is added, the default Gender is set to Not Stated.

If required, navigate to Customer Editing to update the gender of a customer.

Either click the Gender drop-down and select from:

  • Not Stated
  • Female
  • Male

Or [Tab] to the Gender field and press [F] for female, [M] for Male or [N] for not stated.

Note The label on the Sex field has been renamed to Gender.

Resolved Issues


1. We have fixed a PBS claim data issue so stores should no longer receive R779 or R780 rejections for eScripts.

2. Deleted customers will be excluded from the customer selection criteria for eScripts.

3. The drug field on the Dispense Form will not display blank after scanning a script and selecting a Generic. The selected Generic will display.

4. When you dispense repeats after closing and re-opening the Dispense Form, the Dispenser field will no longer change to the previous dispenser.

5. The Claim Form will no longer print a barcode for the last repeat, as it is not required.

6. The script number printed on the Claim Form will now print the current script number.

7. Minfos will no longer upload deferred scripts to My Health Record. As part of this update, previously dispensed and uploaded deferred scripts will be removed from My Health Record.

Stock Manager

1. When you manually add a product that is part of the TerryWhite Chemmart Buy Better program, to an order and that product is in another order, you will no longer be prompted with an error.

2. We have increased the size of the TerryWhite Chemmart Buy Better Deal Information window; now regardless of the screen resolution the information will not be obstructed.


1. Midas errors will no longer occur after merging a product that is in a Virtual Pillbox.