Customer Maintenance can be opened from the following modules/windows:

  • Customer Management: Click the Customer Maintenance icon or click the Customers menu and select 1. Customer Maintenance
  • Dispense Pro: Click the Maintenance menu and select 1. Customers
  • The Dispense Form: Click Extended and select 1. Patient Maintenance
  • The Till: Enter your Clerk Code and press [Enter]. Click Select Customer and then click Add.

If you wish to add a new customer from the  Dispense Form, please refer to Add a New Customer in Dispense.

Open the Customer Maintenance window using one of the options from above:

1. Click Add.

The Customer Entry window is displayed.

2. Refer to the two images below to add the customer's details. If you have My Health Record configured the red fields are mandatory. Refer to My Health Record for more information.

Image 1:

Preferred Names: This name will be used anytime the customer name is required in Minfos e.g. at the Till, customer reports, account statements etc. If Medicare Names are not populated the Preferred Names are used for PBS Online.

a. Enter the customer's preferred First Name

b. Enter the customer's preferred Surname.

Note: If the customer only has one name, use the Surname field.

c. If the patient has a different first name/surname on their Medicare Card, click Copy Names. Skip steps c and d if both names are either different or the same. 

Medicare Names: Medicare Names can be left blank, if left blank scripts will transmit via PBS Online under the Preferred Names.

d. If Copy has been used, these fields now matches the Preferred Name First Name & Surname, update if required. If Copy was not selected then enter the First Name and Surname listed on the customer's Medicare Card.

e. Enter the Customer's Title.

f. The Customer's Gender will pre-populate for some Titles entered, click the drop-down to adjust if required.

g. Enter the Customer’s Street address.

h. Enter the Customer’s Suburb.

i. Click Find to search for the suburb, this will automatically update the State and Post Code, skip to step l or

j. Click the State dropdown and make the correct selection.

k. Enter the Customer’s Post Code.

l. Enter the Customer’s Home Phone if required.

m. Enter the Customer’s Work if required.

n. Enter the Customer's Mobile number, this number will be used if you have SMS connect configured and this will be the number that eScripts repeat tokens will be sent to.

o. Enter the Customer's Email address, this will be the email that eScript repeat tokens will be sent to.

p. Check the Use this email for account checkbox if your customer has requested email account statements. Refer to Email customer account statements for more information.

q. By default, the Customer Type is 1. Customer, click the drop-down to adjust.

If this customer is a Doctor and will have Doctor's Bag prescriptions dispense select 2. Doctor. Refer to Dispense a Doctor's Bag Prescription for more information.

r. Enter the P's DOB.

s. Record any Other Safety Net amounts from any other pharmacies if required. 

Image 2:

a. The customer's preferred Doctor can be recorded if required.

b. Family PRF defaults to 0 and cannot be changed in this window. Refer to How to Link Family Members for more information.

c. R/ship defaults to 0. No Relation, leave this on the default.

d. The Current Status will update according to the card numbers and Customer Type selected, if required click the drop-down and select the correct option.

e. Check the Scripts on File checkbox if required.

f. Check the Pregnant checkbox if required, this will need to be un-checked manually at a later date.

g. Enter the customer's Medicare No. if required. Click # to use a Special Medicare Number. This number will NOT be saved permanently.

h. Enter the Medicare Expiry date, if the date is not entered the Dispense Form will prompt each time the customer is selected. The prompt can be disabled, refer to Prompt for Expired Medicare Card for more information.

i. Consent will default to All Scripts, adjust if required.

j. Enter the Customer's Concession No. if required.

k. Enter the Concession Expiry date if required.

l. Enter the Safety Net No. number if applicable.

m. The Safety Net Expiry date should populate with the correct date e.g. 31/12/2021. If the date is incorrect double-check the Safety Net number has been entered correctly.

o. Enter the Customer's Repat No., 

p. Enter the Repat card expiry date.

q. Click the Repat Type drop-down and select the appropriate option.

r. Click the Co-Pay Status drop-down and select the appropriate option. Refer to Set Co-Payment Discount default to adjust your default setting.

s. If you have My Health Record configured, click the IHI search, to link the customer.

2. Click OK to save the customer.