Every product/stock card's Product Type is listed in Product Maintenance.

To view a product/stock cards Product Type:

1. From Stock Manager, click Product Maintenance.

The Product Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Click Find, to locate the required product.

The Search window is displayed.

3. Enter the product's details In the text box.

To search by PDE, enter a forward slash '/' first, then the PDE. To search by MNPN, enter an asterisk '*' first, then the MNPN.
4. Click Okay or press [Enter].

The closest matching product is displayed and highlighted.

5. Highlight the correct product and then click Change or press [Enter].

The Product Edit window is displayed, with the Details tab active.

Note: A Product Type cannot be changed once the product has been created - you can only specify the Type when adding a product.

The Product Type drop-down list options


Has a retail price, mark-up and unit cost, and it is invoiced into Minfos. This type of item makes up 98% of a Minfos database.

GP Product

Has a retail price and should be invoiced into Minfos with a zero cost. If GP Product items are not invoiced into Minfos, when they are sold they will go into a negative SOH.


Is sold (hired out) through the Till, but is not invoiced into Minfos. A Hiring Type product allows the store to enter a deposit required. Set a hire cycle and rates for a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly cost to hire, which prompts at the Till when the item is sold/hired. There is no SOH recorded, the stock cards will state In or Out in Product Maintenance.

Hiring items must have a Deposit product associated with them. Hire items should have the A.R. product code SALE4000 (Hiring income).

See Hiring overview for further information.


Records money collected for groups from agencies; for example, HBA, Medibank Private or a charities e.g. Red Nose Day. Agencies are not physical items and therefore should not invoiced into Minfos. The SOH remains at zero when an Agency Type product is sold through the Till.


Records a deposit for hire items, laybys and can be used to set up a stock card for special order deposits. The Deposit product is set up by Minfos and it is used by your store for all of your hire items. The amount of the deposit is set in the Hiring tab, in the hire item's stock card,.


Records all rounding information from the Tills. Stock cards with rounding should not be added at store level and is set up by Minfos.


Records services such as Packing and Health Checks. Services are not physical items and therefore are not invoiced into Minfos. All Service items should have the A.R. product code SALE5000 (Other income). The SOH remains at zero when a Service Type product is sold through the Till.

Service Type products can be set up to automatically charge to a customer’s account see Automate Additional Account Charges for further information.


Is used for Chemotherapy items. Chemo is set by Minfos and cannot be added at store level.