In this course, you will learn the basics you need to know to function effectively in a dispensary using Minfos software. This learning pathway has been designed especially for dispensary staff and pharmacists who are not familiar with Minfos. 

Divided into digestible topics, each lesson or segment includes written materials and video demonstrations. Handy links that you may wish to save and refer to later will also be highlighted. 

For maximum benefit we recommend that you move through each of the learning activities in the order listed below. 

Topic 1 - Getting started

Prepare to dispense scripts and assist customers by ensuring you have added your information into Minfos.

This topic will show you how to:

  • Add a pharmacist to Minfos
  • Add a prescriber record for Schedule 3 & Continued Dispensing
  • Add a salesperson to the Till 
  • Navigate to the Minfos Dispense Form

Topic 2 - Minfos Dispense Form overview

Prescriptions are dispensed from the Minfos Dispense Form. This screen also allows the dispenser to launch other windows from within the form. As you learn more and begin using Minfos you will become very familiar with this screen. This topic will share how to:

  • Launch the Minfos Dispense Form
  • Navigate through the form
  • Understand each of the fields

Topic 3 - Customer management

Maintaining accurate customer records in the dispensary is essential. This topic will demonstrate how to:

  • Select a customer
  • Add a customer
  • Edit a customer
  • Identify or flag customers who keep their scripts on file
  • Add Customer Notes
  • View and update allergies

Topic 4 - Dispense paper prescriptions

Regardless of the type of prescription, the basic dispense workflow in Minfos remains the same.
This topic will demonstrate the step by step process to dispensing a paper script. The information contained in this topic is applicable to dispensing other types of scripts such as eScripts or dispensing from a medication chart.

Topic 5 - Dispense ePrescriptions

Currently, there are 3 different ways to manage eScripts in Minfos:

  • Dispense from an electronic or printed token the customer has been provided
  • Dispense from the Minfos eQueue
  • Dispense from the customer's Active Script List (ASL)

This topic will provide an overview and demonstration of each of these workflows.

Topic 6 - Dispense other script types

This comprehensive topic will guide you through dispensing other common script types you may encounter.

This includes:

  • Repatriation Authority scripts
  • Continued Dispensing scripts
  • Doctor's Bag scripts
  • Extemporaneous or Compounded scripts
  • Scripts for Schedule 3 or non-prescription products

Topic 7 - Managing Owing scripts

Learn to manage owing prescriptions in Minfos Dispense. This topic will demonstrate how to:

  • Supply medication as an Owing prescription
  • Receive or mark off an Owing prescription

Topic 8 - Scan Check prescriptions

What happens next? This topic will show you how to complete and check prescriptions in Minfos. Essential knowledge includes:

  • Using the Pharmacist Check screen
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts

Topic 9 - Dispensary reports

While there are any number of reports available in Minfos, this topic highlights the most used reports in Minfos Dispense.

Reports covered include:

  • Uncollected Scripts report
  • Owing Scripts report
  • Drug Usage report

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