Symbion Daily MNPN updates will no longer be provided by Minfos Master Database from the 6th of March 2023 and therefore can be removed from your subscription list.

To Unsubscribe from Automatic Symbion Daily MNPN Updates

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the File menu, click 7. MNPN Updates and select 1. Supplier MNPN Updates.

The Manage Supplier MNPN Updates window is displayed.

2. Find and highlight 06080 SYMBION PTY LTD.

3. Click Change.

The Supplier MNPN Update Configuration window is displayed.

4. Click the Type dropdown and select Manual Update

5. Click OK to save. 

7. The Manage Supplier MNPN Updates window is displayed and the SYMBION PTY LTD MNPN update now has an '' icon and is displayed in green to identify that a manual update has been set up.

8. Click Cancel to close the Manage Supplier MNPN Updates window.