You can view your stock on hand of generic brands while you are editing orders in Order Maintenance. 

This option will assist with:

  • The ongoing issues with stock outs of some brands
  • Ensuring certain generic groupings aren’t over stocked
  • Brand switching
Tip: Refer to Manage Supplier Ordering Parameters to assist further with ordering.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

From the Order Editing window:

1. Highlight a drug and click Generics.

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Note: If you highlight a product that does not have generics, the Generic option is greyed out.
The generic mapping in Order Maintenance, is based on the naming convention: drug-form-strength and not the PBS brand equivalence flags.  

The Generic Drug Listing window is displayed.

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The Generic Drug Listing window:

  • Displays items that are set as your Preferred Supplier (click here to learn how to set your Preferred Generic Suppliers) and Recommended products (refer to Flag a Product as Recommended for more information)
  • Can be filtered to Display Products with SOH (greater than zero) or Stocked Only products

2. To add a drug from the Generic Drug Listing window to your order, highlight the required product and click Okay.

The Order Detail window is displayed.

3. Enter the required Quantity and click Okay.

The Order Editing window is displayed with the product added to your order.

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4. Continue to edit and add products as required.

5. Click Okay to save and close the Order Editing window and return to Order Maintenance.

6. Transmit your order as per your usual process.