This process can be followed when a company offers a buy five get one free loyalty offer. This differs from a multibuy promotion, because the customer can purchase one at a time and build up to the loyalty goal e.g., Incontinence products: The customer needs to purchase 5 incontinence products to get 1 for free, and the company will replace the stock.

There are 3 steps involved in this process:

Step One: Add a GP product into Minfos, this product will be sold at the Till as a negative quantity to provide the 6th product for free. A Hotkey can also be added to make it easier for the salesperson to sell.

Step Two: Sell the free product to the customer when they reach the loyalty goal.

Step Three: Invoice/Record the replacement stock.

Step One: Add a GP product

From Product Maintenance:

1.    Click Add.

The Product Entry window is displayed.

2.    Click Make Barcode, a unique barcode is created for the product.

3.    Enter a Name for the product e.g., FREE INCONTINENCE PRODUCT.

4.    Click the Product Type dropdown and select 2. G.P. Prod.

5.    Ensure GST on Sales is unchecked.

6.    Click the Categories tab.

7.    Allocate the product to the required categories for reporting purposes.

8.    Click OK to add the product.

Note     Click here to learn how to set this product up as a Hotkey at the Till.

Step Two: Sell the ‘free’ product to the customer

In this example the customer is purchasing the 5th product and receiving the 6th for free in the same transaction.

From the Retail Till:

1.    Enter you Clerk Code.

2.    Scan the items the customer is purchasing, including the product they will get for free.

3.    Add the GP product to provide the item for free, either;

a.    Enter the name of the product 

Or, if you have set up a Hotkey

b.    Press Hotkeys.

The Hotkeys window is displayed.

c.    Select the required hotkey.

4.    Enter -1 as the Quantity and press Enter.

5.    Enter Unit Price of the item being provided for free and press Enter.

The GP product is added to the sale.

6.    If required, click Add Note to record which of the items in the sale is being given for free.

The Add Note to Sale window is displayed.

7.    Enter the note, and press Enter.

Note     Notes added to transactions print on receipts and customer reports.

8.    Process the sale.

9.    Click Reprint Docket from the Change window, to retain an extra copy for your records.

Step Three: Invoice/Record the replacement stock

There are two different ways you can Invoice/Record the replacement stock:

1.    You receive the replacement stock on an invoice and have also purchased 1 or more of the same item follow: Apply Bonus Stock to an invoice.

2.    If you receive the replacement stock and do not have an invoice with the stock on it, follow: Bonus Stock: Average out Unit Cost in Product Maintenance. 

3.    Once the stock has been replaced reconcile the FREE INCONTINENCE PRODUCT and adjust the stock on hand back to zero.

a.    From Product Maintenance, Find and highlight the FREE INCONTINENCE PRODUCT and click Sales.

The Product Sales Enquiry window is displayed.

b.    Highlight the transaction and click Enquire.

The Sale Detail Enquiry window is displayed.

c.    Use either the Sale Note information or the products displayed in the transaction to ensure the stock has been replaced.

d.    Click Okay or Cancel to return to the Product Sales Enquiry window.

e.    Click Cancel to close the Product Sales Enquiry window.

f.    With the FREE INCONTINENCE PRODUCT highlighted, click Edit Qty.

The Product Stock on Hand Edit window is displayed.

g.    Enter 0 into Qty Counted field and click the Reason for change dropdown and select the appropriate option.

h.    Click Okay to save.