Receipt Order allows you to scan an item on the order and enter the quantity you received from the supplier. For more information about receipting orders with the Minfos App, refer to Mark off Orders with the Minfos App.


To be able to Receipt an order:

  • The orders must be marked as Received or have been electronically collected in Order Maintenance

Note: Orders that have be receipted by the Minfos App still need to Completed in Minfos Order Maintenance.


Receipt Orders with the Minfos App

1. Open the Minfos App on you mobile device and log in, click here to learn how.

2. Select Receipt Order from the Select a task screen.

The Receipt an item on order screen with all current Received orders is displayed.

3. Select the required orders.

a. Enter either the Invoice Number or Order Number to search for a specific order, the screen will refresh when the Minfos App can find a match.

b. Select the top checkbox to receipt items off all orders.

c. Select the checkboxes next to the order(s) that you want to receipt.

d. Select Reload Received Orders to refresh the Receipt an item on order screen.

4. Once you have selected the order/s to receipt, select Product Search.


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The Scan an item to receive screen is displayed.

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5. Search for the product by one of the following:

a. Click here to launch the camera

  • You can also scan the product barcode if the device has a scanner

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  • Scan the product barcode
  • Select Cancel to close the camera


b. Search for the product by typing in the barcode or name.

  • The Minfos App will display a list of possible matches, or exact matches, depending on the search method. Click the X to reset the search

6. Select the product you wish to receipt or, if the camera or scanner was used the Scan an item to receive screen is updated.


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a. Enter the quantity you have received in the Counted Qty field.

b. Add Qty is selected by default.

c. If you have previously entered an incorrect received quantity, select Replace Qty to update the received quantity.

d. Selected Clear if you have entered an incorrect quantity in the Counted Qty field, but have not yet selected Receive.

e. Select Queue to queue a label for the product.

f. Select Receive to update the received quantity.

g. Select the back arrow to close the screen with no changes.

7. Once you have selected Receive, either, 

  • The Product received successfully prompt is displayed, if there are still more of the same item to receipt i.e. if the Counted Qty did not match the Qty Ordered

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  • The Product receive completed prompt is displayed if the item has been receipted completely i.e. if the Counted Qty matched the Qty Ordered

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  • if the camera was used to the scan the product, the camera will automatically re-open to scan the next product

8. Repeat the steps to receipt the whole order, or click the back arrow to return to the Select a task screen and use Quick Receipt to receive the remainder of the order.


View products receipted in Order Maintenance

After receipting the products, the order can be viewed in the Order Editing window, from Order Maintenance to compare the Counted vs the Qty collected (or entered) from the supplier before you complete the invoice.

Refer to the View products receipted in Order Maintenance section of the Mark Off Order with the Minfos App article for more information.