This learning pathway has been designed to share advanced stock management knowledge for Stock Controllers and Retail Managers. We recommend that you complete the Stock Management Essentials learning pathway prior to starting this course. 

Divided into digestible topics, each lesson or segment includes written materials and video demonstrations. Handy links that you may wish to save and refer to later are also highlighted.

For maximum benefit we recommend that you move through each of the learning activities in the order listed below. 

Don't forget to print or save the attached checklist to track your progress through this learning pathway. 

Topic 1 - Advanced Ordering Tools

This topic provides an overview of advanced ordering tools in Minfos. You will learn how to: 

  • Edit and create order templates
  • Schedule recurrent orders
  • Create orders with the Minfos ePad
  • Create promotion orders
  • Print proposed orders
  • Merge orders

Topic 2 - Manage Retail Prices

Learn all about managing your retail prices in Minfos. This topic will demonstrate how to:

  • Set performance guidelines by category
  • Set Supplier Recommended Retail Prices as your retail price
  • Use Minfos Price Manager
  • Export and import retail pricing files
  • Generate Product Gross Profit reports

Topic 3 - Keeping a Clean Database

Learn how to keep keep your product database clean and up to date - helping to minimise ordering and stock on hand issues. This topic will show you how to:

  • Identify and remove duplicate PDEs
  • Import and action MNPN product merges
  • Merge duplicate products in Product Maintenance

Topic 4 - Product Quick Fix

This topic will demonstrate how to use Minfos Product Quick Fix to easily make bulk changes to product attributes. You will learn how to:

  • Navigate to Product Quick Fix
  • Search for products requiring changes
  • Make bulk product changes

Topic 5 - Advanced Product Tools

This topic introduces products tools that make it easy to communicate product specific information to your team. Learn how to set up and manage:

  • Companion products
  • Product Info Notes

Topic 6 - Preparing to Stocktake

Learn how to prepare your database for stock taking. This topic covers how to:

  • Print the Stocktake Checklist
  • Create Locations for stocktake
  • Print a list of Locations
  • Clear broken pack quantities

Topic 7 - Doing the Stocktake

This topic will cover the tasks that need to be completed during the stocktake. Learn how to:

  • Print the Uncollected Scripts report
  • Count stock with pen and paper
  • Count stock with the Minfos App
  • Count stock with the Wireless Scanner
  • Print reports for stock that has not been counted
  • Enter uncounted stock via the rolling stocktake function

Topic 8 - After the Stocktake

This topic will introduce the reports that should be run after a stocktake count to assess your stock holding.  

This includes:

  • Stock Variance reports
  • Product and Category Audit reports to help investigate issues
  • Stock on Hand reports

Topic 9 - Stock Management Reports

After completing this topic you will know how to generate various stock and sales reports that may help you to identify process problems and make data driven stock management decisions. Reports demonstrated include:

  • Negative Stock On Hand report
  • Stock Out report
  • Exception reports
  • Dead Stock reports
  • Top/Worst Selling Products report
  • and more!

Track your progress
We recommend you print or save the attached checklist to keep track of your training progress.

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