Minfos enables you to create an order for a specified promotion at the click of a button. This functionality allows you to save time and avoid keying your promotion orders manually.

Video Demonstration

Step by Step Instructions

  • Ensure the promotion has been entered into Minfos
  • Ensure any promotion errors have been accepted

From Promo Manager:

1. Click Promotion Maintenance.

The Promotion setup window is displayed.

2. From the Enquiry section select either New, if the promotion has not yet started or Current, if the promotion is already running.3. Click Next.

The Promotions Enquiry - New/Current Promotions window is displayed.

4. Highlight the required promotion and click Create Order.The Promotion Maintenance - Create Order window is displayed.

a. The Supplier defaults to your preferred wholesaler, change to a different supplier if required. E.g. if the entire promotion is Blackmores products, enter either the Blackmores supplier code (02120) and press [Tab] or enter the name Blackmores and press [Tab]. Highlight Blackmores Ltd from the Supplier Search Window and click Okay.

b. Stocked Only:

  • If you only require an order to be created for products marked as stocked in your database, check the Stocked Only checkbox
  • If you require an order for all products on the promotion, regardless of their stocked status, to be created leave Stocked Only unchecked

5. Click Okay.

The Promotion Maintenance - Create Order window is closed, the order is created and the Promotions Enquiry - New/Current Promotions window is re-displayed.

6. To review and edit the promotion order, navigate to Order Maintenance.7. The order description will be Promotion Order and will have a Created status. Highlight the order and click Change.

The Order Editing window is displayed.

  • The products are listed on the order with either a Qty of 1 or their Retail Unit quantity
  • Products that are in the promotion but not available from the supplier selected in step 5a will display without a PDE, delete these products from the order and add them to an order from the correct supplier
Tip: You can create multiple orders from the same promotion, repeat this process and change the Supplier in the Promotion Maintenance - Create Order window.

8. Review your order and adjust the Qty as per your promotional buying guide. Refer to Edit an Order for more information.

9. Click Okay to save your changes and return the Order Maintenance window.

10. Refer to Transmit an Order for help with sending your order.