From the 1st of July the Department of Health (the Department) is implementing an eNRMC Transitional Arrangement to allow Residential Aged Care Services (RACSs) to begin adopting and benefiting from eNRMC products.

  • Under the Transitional Arrangement, Pharmacists will require individual access to the Transitional eNRMC software
  • Pharmacists must manually transcribe the medication order information from the Transitional eNRMC software directly into Minfos

Pharmacists already servicing a RACS under the eNRMC Trial should contact the RACS to discuss the eNRMC Transitional Arrangement. However, the requirements for dispensing and claiming of PBS medicines under the existing trial and the eNRMC Transitional Arrangement are the same.

Pharmacies servicing RACSs that have adopted Transitional eNRMC Products have several obligations. Pharmacists must:

  • follow all PBS dispensing legislation (including state and territory legislation relevant to their location)
  • ensure they have access to view and annotate the electronic medication charts for the consumers they are dispensing medicines for
  • ensure they understand how to view and annotate the electronic medication charts or seek training from the software vendor
  • ensure they are aware of the processes for dispensing and claiming from a Transitional eNRMC Product
The above information has been provided from PBS eNRMC National Rollout and eNRMC transitional arrangement collection.

Refer to Dispense from a NRMC for more information on how to dispense from a NRMC in Minfos.