This topic introduces frequently used functions and tools that can assist you in maintaining a clean and up to date product database.

This is of vital importance to ensure your ordering and reporting is accurate.

Frequently used Product Maintenance functions

This video will demonstrate some of the highly useful and frequently used functions in Minfos Product Maintenance.

This includes advanced product search, editing and deleting stock cards, viewing purchases and sales history, updating stock on hand (SOH), bulk rename and much more. 

Video - Frequently used functions in Product Maintenance

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Learn about many of the useful and highly used Product Maintenance functions in this video tutorial.

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Product Audit report

The Minfos Product Audit report feature allows you to examine the changes made for a specified stock card or run a report to capture changes to any stock cards in a specified time frame (Report information is retained for 2 years). This is highly useful for identifying changes to your product database as well as when and how the change occurred.

Video - Product Audit report

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Learn how to run and interpret the Product Audit report in this video tutorial.

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Product Audit report

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