When your store has surcharges configured for card payments, the surcharge will be calculated on the Credit Menu screen, which will display the surcharge value. The surcharge will also be printed on the docket.

In split sales, where multiple cards are used for payment, the surcharge will only apply to the value charged to that card.

From the Till module:

  1. Open the Minfos Till.


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  2. Add the items to the sales basket.
  3. Select Credit from the payment options.


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    The Credit Card menu window is displayed, listing payment options.
    In the Surcharge column, each card that will incur a payment surcharge displays its configured percentage.


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  4. Select the applicable card.
    The surcharge is added to the Card Total which will be charged to the customer.

  5. If you have not already advised the customer of the surcharge, this is an appropriate time to do so.

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  6. If you do not have integrated EFTPOS, manually enter the amount into your EFTPOS pinpad.
  7. Select Enter to process the payment.
  8. Once processed, the Change screen is displayed, including the surcharge amount.

    Graphical user interface

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  9. The docket also displays the surcharge incurred.

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