You can set up surcharges for different payment types to automatically apply at the Till, calculated as a percentage of the transaction total.

Note: By default PBS scripts are automatically excluded from accruing the credit card surcharge when these scripts are sold at the till. You can configure Minfos to apply the credit card surcharge to the full transaction. Refer to Apply Credit Card Surcharges to all items in the sales basket for more information.

The surcharges for each card type can be easily managed from Credit Card Maintenance.

Australian law prohibits excessive surcharges, such as charging the customer more than the applicable cost charged to you. Further information can be found on the ACCC website.
It is your decision whether to apply surcharges, and to choose the percentage value. These surcharges are configurable, and Minfos does not apply any payment surcharges by default. Minfos takes no responsibility for the percentage entered and costs passed on to your customers.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

From the Till module:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 2. Credit Cards.

The Credit Card Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Highlight the required Card to apply the surcharge, e.g. Visa Card and click Change.

Tip: If the required Credit Card does not display in the list, check the List All checkbox. Previously deleted Credit Cards will then display as '~Credit Card Name', remove the ~ and the Credit Card will then be displayed in this list, as well as at the Till. If the Credit Card does not exist, refer to Set up a new credit card to learn how to add a new Credit Card.

The Credit Card Editing window is displayed.

3. Check the Apply Surcharge checkbox. The Surcharge % field is enabled.

4. In the Surcharge % field, enter the surcharge value including the decimal e.g., 1.25.
5. Click Okay to save.

Note: If you have applied a surcharge to EFTPOS, this will also be reflected in the EFTPOS payment screen.