Unassigned Payments are payments for which there has no invoices been allocated or raised. This function allows payments received in advance, or payments received but not yet earned to be recorded.

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Banking menu.

2. Select 2. Deposits.

The Deposits window is displayed. 

3. Enter the date the payment was received in the Deposit Date field. 

4. Click Add.

The Receipt Entry window is displayed. 

5. Select the relevant AR Customer.

6. Enter the Amount received.

7. Click Okay.

The User Error prompt is displayed. 

8. Click Yes to save the payment as an unassigned payment.

The Unassigned Payment is saved and ready to assign to an invoice at a later date. 

9. Click Okay.

The Banking prompt is displayed.

10. Click Yes to save the banking.

Please refer to the articles below to assist with allocating Unassigned Payments to an invoice.
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