Overs and Unders are amounts which have been automatically added into your accounting system from Minfos POS. 

As illustrated below, daily takings such as Cash In Drawer, Credit Card Summary and Other Debtors Summary from the Previous Takings Report will appear in Overs and Unders for its relevant AR customers. 

These amounts need to be verified and confirmed each day.

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Banking menu.

2. Select 1. Unders/Overs Entry. 

The Overs / Unders entry window is displayed.
3. Enter the relevant AR Customer in the Customer field and press [Tab].

As shown above, common AR Customers are:

  • BANK00 (Daily POS Bankings)
  • HIC000 (Health Insurance Commission)

The A.R. Customer Search window is displayed.
4. Select the correct AR Customer and click Okay. 

The Overs/Unders entry window is updated

5. The Deposit Date will update to the most first date where banking has not yet been completed. 

6. The Total Banking Amount is updated with the reported amount to be banked. 

7. Enter the actual amount to be banked in the Actual Banking field.

8. The Variance field is updated to reflect the difference between the reported and actual amounts. 

9. Click Okay to confirm. 

The Deposits window is displayed.

10. Enter the date the banking will be deposited in the Deposit Date field. 

11. Enter a Description for the deposit. Suggested format: Deposit Type for Date of takings.

In this example the Description is Deposit Cash for 040403.

12. Click Okay.

The Banking window is displayed.

13. Click Yes to save the banking.

In the AR Customer Enquiry window:

  1. The Till amount for that date is now marked as banked.
  2. The actual payment amount is recorded.
  3. Any variance generates as a positive or negative invoice.

14. Repeat this process for other deposit types (HIC and EFTPOS).