Unassigned payments are payments that have been made that do not have a corresponding invoice attached.

The Fix Unassigned Payments function links the specified payment and with the corresponding invoice after the invoice has been entered. Please refer to these instructions to enter an AR invoice.

The Transaction Number of each unassigned payment to be fixed is required for this function. This number can be found:

a. In the Trans No. column of the Unassigned Payments Report.b. In the AR Customer Enquiry window if the AR Customer and payment date are known.

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Functions menu.

2. Select 5. Fix Unassigned Payments.


1. Navigate to the Maintenance menu.

2. Select 9. Fix Unassigned Payments.

The Unassigned Payments window is displayed.

3.Enter the Trans No. of the relevant payment in the Payment Ref field. This number is the Trans No. from the Unassigned Payments report or the Number column in the AR Customer Account Enquiry window. See the Note above for details.

4. Click Okay.

The Fix Unassigned Payments window is displayed. 

5. Double click on the relevant invoice to change the selection from Don't Pay to Pay. 

6. Click Okay.

The payment is assigned to the selected invoice and the Fix Unassigned Payments window is closed.