PDL warnings are now managed by Dispense Updates

New and updated PDL warnings will now be managed by Dispense Updates. This removes the need to perform a software update to refresh the PDL warning library in Minfos.

We recommend that after updating to this release you run a manual Dispense Update, as there have been several changes to PDL warnings due to the introduction of Active Ingredient Prescribing. For further information see Manual Dispense Updates. Otherwise, the PDL updates will be automatically applied next time there is a change to Dispense Updates.

View CMI from the Pharmacist Check Screen

You can now access Consumer Medicine Information (CMIs) from the Pharmacist Check Screen. Simply select the View CMI button or use shortcut [Alt+V] to open the Display CMI’s dialog.

By default, the drug selected on the Pharmacist Check Screen will display. You can select View CMI or Print CMI if one is available, or change the selected drug.

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Easily update a patient’s ASL details for the primary contact and request consent for a newly registered patient

When a patient is registered for ASL but has not yet provided your pharmacy with access, the patient’s ASL status on the Dispense Form will now display as ASL Consent Pending. This will allow you to easily update the patient’s primary contact if required and re-trigger both the pharmacy and bulk upload consent.


Improved drug matching for private scripts prescribed by active ingredient

We have improved matching of private scripts to also refer to the Medication Product Pack (MPP) if this has been provided by the prescriber with the script information.

Previously, when a PBS code was not provided for private scripts, Minfos would attempt to match the prescribed medication by brand name and generic name. Due to different naming conventions between Minfos and prescribing software, this was not always the optimal process.


Claim Forms will only print for paper prescriptions 

If your pharmacy is configured to print Claim Forms for items dispensed via Quick Dispense, these will now only print for paper prescriptions and will no longer print for eScripts or supplies dispensed from a NRMC.

When configured to print Claim Forms, you can now print a dispense label

If your pharmacy is configured to print Claim Forms for items dispensed via Quick Dispense, there is now an option to choose whether to automatically print a dispense label.

To configure:

From Minfos Launch Pad:

  1. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, click the Special tab, and click Utilities. The Utilities window will open.
  2. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, click the Config tab, and click 1. Shop Configuration. The Shop Configuration window will open.
  3. Select the General tab in the left pane.
  4. In the Packing section at the bottom of the screen, open the Print Dispense Label with Claim Form? dropdown list, and select one of:
    1. No - to not print a dispense label. This is the default option
    2. Non packed only - Minfos will print a label if the script is flagged as non-packed in Quick Dispense. This flag is managed by your third party packing provider
    3. For all scripts - this will always print a dispense label when an item is dispensed via Quick Dispense

Shop Configuration, General, Packing


New Prompt when an account customer will exceed their credit limit

The handling of customer account credit limits at the Till and in Dispense has been improved. 

Previously, the user would only see an alert after the customer had already exceeded their account credit limit. Now both the current transaction and the outstanding balance will be used to determine if the transaction will push the balance over the credit limit. 

If the transaction will cause the account to exceed the set credit limit, the prompt below is displayed.

At the Till:

  • To override the account limit the user should click 1. Yes.
  • If the user has 'Override A/C Limit' permissions the transaction will be finalised. 
  • Users who do not have this permission require a Supervisor PIN to be entered.

In Dispense:

  • To override the account limit the user should click Yes.
  • The transaction will be charged to the account.

Resolved Issues

  1. It is no longer possible to edit a locked script from the Pharmacist Check PBS Rejections window.
  2. Occasionally scripts will be downloaded without a PBS code. This has been resolved.
  3. On certain downloaded scripts, Minfos is charging a brand premium on premium free items. This issue has now been resolved.
  4. Incorrect Scan Check (XS) and Scan Check Exempt (ES) symbols are now included in the report and export from Script Enquiry.
Stock Manager
  1. Changing the Supplier in the Order Confirmation screen will now save the order to the correct Supplier.
  2. Stock on hand will now decrease by the full amount when Regulation 24 scripts are sold.
  3. Collecting invoices will now refresh Order Maintenance to display new invoices.
  4. When Chemotherapy scripts are sold the combination quantities are now recorded correctly.
  1. Promotions exported from Head Office will now be imported automatically at the stores.
  1. Discount and Hotkey buttons are now displayed from left to right, instead of in the middle of the window in the Till.