The AR Customer History Report details AR Customer sales for the specified dates. 

Information displayed in this report includes:

  • Customer Code
  • Customer Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Type
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Due Date
  • Description
  • Amount
  • Discount
  • Balance

From the Receivables module:

1. Navigate to the Reports menu.

2. Select 1. Customer then 3. Customer History. 

The Customer History window is displayed.3. Select the AR Customer or range of AR customers to report on using the From Customer and To Customer fields. The default setting includes all AR Customers. 

4. Enter the date range to report on in the From Date and To Date fields. 

5. Check Show Paid to display sales that have been paid. Leave this checkbox unchecked to display only unpaid sales. 

6. Check Payments Only to exclude invoices and only report payments.

7. Select the AR Customer category to report on in the Category drop down menu.

8. Click Okay to run the report. 

The AR Customer History Report is displayed.