This article will assist you to print a list of the AR Products available in your system. 

This report can also be accessed from the Receivables Reports menu:
1. Select 3. Product.
2. Then select 4. Product List Report.
3. Follow the below process from Step 3.

From the Receivables module:

1. Click the Maintenance menu, then select 2. Product. 

The AR Product Maintenance window is displayed.2. Click Print.

The Product List window is displayed.3. If required, select the Business you wish to print the report for. 

4. Select the attribute you would like the list to be Sorted By. The sort types are: 

  • 0. Code 
  • 1. Name 

5. Enter the range of products you wish to print in the From and To fields. The default values will include all products. 

6. Select the Detail you wish to appear in the list. The selections are: 

  • 0. Retail Only - To display retail price only.
  • 1. Cost Only - To display cost price only.
  • 2. Full Detail - To display retail price, cost price, markup and G.P%.

 7. Click Okay to generate the list.

The A.R. Product List is displayed. In the example below 2. Full Detail has been selected.