Note: Prior to creating AR invoices you will need to have established AR Products, Customers, Salespersons and Territories in the Receivables module.

Accounts Receivable (AR) invoices can be created from three places within Minfos:

  • Total sales made at the Till (created by Minfos during the End of Day process).
  • Transfer of stock to another retailer (created by Minfos when a stock transfer reaches Completed status).
  • Manual entry of an invoice for goods/services from within Receivables module.

This article will detail the process to create an AR invoice from the Receivables module.

From the Receivables module:

1. Select Invoice Entry.

The Invoice Format dialog box is displayed.

2. Select 1. Warehouse, Retail Product Style and click Okay

The Invoice Entry - Product Style window is displayed.

3. In the Customer field, enter the first few characters of the AR Customer's name and press [Tab].

The AR Customer Search window is displayed. 

4. Select the appropriate AR Customer and click Okay.
The selected AR Customer's details will populate in the Invoice Entry - Product Style window.

5. Enter the Invoice Date.

6. Enter the invoice Due Date.

7. Enter an invoice Description.

8. If the sale of goods is Tax Exempt, select the checkbox, otherwise leave unselected.

9. Enter the appropriate Sales Person and Territory, if applicable. 

10. Enter the Order Number, if applicable.

11. Record the person who ordered the goods in Ordered By.

12. Click Add to add a product to the invoice. 

The Invoice Product Entry dialog box is displayed.

Note: Creating an AR invoice from within Receivables means that the products available are not the same as those found in the Till, Product Maintenance and Stock Manager. 
Examples of AR Products include: rent for a property, hiring income, or sale of some assets. 

13. Type the first few characters of the AR Product Name and press [Tab]. 

The Product Search window is displayed. 

14. Select the appropriate AR Product and click Okay. 

15. Enter the product Quantity being sold.

16. Enter the Unit Price for the product and click Okay. 

17. Repeat steps 13 to 16 to add other AR products to the invoice as required. 

18. Click Cancel to close the Invoice Product Entry dialog box.
19. Review the AR Products added to the invoice in the Invoice Entry - Product Style window. If required, select a product and use the available buttons to Change or Delete the product.

20. Click Notes to add a note to the invoice if required. 

21. Click Okay to complete the invoice. 

22. Repeat these steps to add the next invoice or click Cancel to close the Invoice Entry - Product Style window.