Note This article is intended for Minfos Beta stores only. It contains either new or updated functionality that is not generally available at this time. Please look out for this new feature in the next Minfos software release. 

To receive payments via direct debit for customer accounts, your business must first set up Direct Debit with your bank. The bank will provide you with a User ID that you can then enter in Minfos along with your other bank details.

  1. Contact your bank and set up direct debit. They will provide you with a User ID.
  2. In Minfos, open Business Editing. To access this window:
    1. Open Stock Manager module
    2. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click the File tab
    3. Click 1. Business

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    4. Select the business and click the Change buttonGraphical user interface, application

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The Business Editing window will display.

  1. In the Direct Debit section at the bottom of the screen, tick the Enable checkbox.
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  2. Fill in the details for the Direct Debit fields.
Note The BSB field will validate the bank against a known list of Australian Banking Institutes. The remaining account details can be verified by correct format only, so be careful to ensure these are correctly entered. 

5. Click Okay to save.