A Business 2 Business (B2B) device allows your organisation to get authorised access to PBS Online. The B2B device is the client machine that has PBS Online installed – this is usually the server or back office computer. 

To successfully register your B2B device please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Add PBS Online as a Service Provider in PRODA.

Please follow the steps here to add and link to PBS Online in PRODA.

Step 2. Register your B2B device in PRODA.

To register, activate and manage a B2B device in PRODA please follow the instructions here.

Step 3. Register your B2B device details in Minfos.

1. After successfully registering a device with PRODA, copy the following details from the Device Registration screen:

a. Device Activation Code.

b. Device Name (please ensure you only use letters and numbers in the Device Name).

c. PRODA RA (Organisation) ID.

2. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Special menu and select Utilities.

The Utilities window is displayed.

3. Click the Config menu and select 1. Shop Configuration.

The Shop Configuration window is displayed.

4. Select the General tab.

5. In the Provider Digital Access (PRODA) section, enter the details you copied from the PRODA Device Registration screen in Step 1. 

Note: These three fields are displayed in reverse order from the PRODA website. 
  • Organisation Id (RA) - the PRODA RA (Organisation) ID displayed in step 1 c
  • Device Name
  • Device Activation Code - Your Device Activation Code displayed in step 1 a

Warning: It is critical that these values are entered correctly and exactly as they are shown on the device registration screen. 

6. Click OK to save.

When setting or changing the Device Activation Code, the B2B Device Activation confirmation prompt is displayed.7. Click Yes to save your changes.

Warning: Ensure you have clicked Yes. The details will not be saved until you click Yes.

Once the details have been set, Minfos will attempt to activate the device within PRODA. 

One of the below results will be displayed:

  • PRODA Device Activation was successful. The device will show as Active on the PRODA website within approximately 5 minutes
  • PRODA Device Activation was unsuccessful, response was: [PRODA error message]. There was an issue and the activation was unsuccessful. Verify the details you have entered (in Step 5) and try again
  • PRODA Device Activation failed due to a technical error, please retry. If the problem continues please contact Minfos Support for assistance

8. After receiving the PRODA Device Activation was successful message, check the status of the device within PRODA Device Management to ensure that the device is shown with Active status.

9. If the activation process was sucessful, PBS Online web services will be automatically enabled.