To add scripts to an eQueue basket from an ASL:

1. Select the patient by either:

  • Searching for the customer in Select Customer, as per Overview of the eQueue - Add to Queue form or 
  • Clicking Add ASL Customer from the Active Script List section. Use this option when multiple patient’s scripts need to be added to the basket

 a. The Active Script List section lists all patients that have been selected and displays their corresponding. ASL status/s.

i. Highlight the patient and click Request Consent.

The Consent to MySL window is displayed.ii. Click Request Consent. The patient/primary carer will be sent either an SMS or Email to grant your pharmacy access to the ASL. 

  • If the patient has a green A icon the patient has an ASL and your pharmacy has consent to view it

iii. Highlight the patient and click View ASL.

The Active Script List window displayed.

iv. Highlight the required script/s using standard windows shortcuts or click Select All to select all scripts in the ASL.

Note Only eScripts can be highlighted.

v. Click Add to eQueue.

b. The eScripts Queued section is updated with the selected eScripts.

Note other eScripts can be queued by scanning the token in the Scan Script Barcode field. Refer to Overview of the eQueue - Add to Queue form for more information.
Tip Right click the mouse in the Active Script LIst or eScripts Queued sections to open the Legend.