The patient states they have an ASL, however, the ASL status displayed is grey, hover your mouse over the ASL button:  if it states the Patient’s IHI is not Active and Verified within 24 hours

1. Check the patient’s IHI status.

a. From the Dispense Form click Change f3.

The Customer Editing window is displayed.

b. Ensure the Individual Health Identifier information is displayed.

c. If there are no IHI details ensure the mandatory information is correct:
  • Surname
  • DOB
  • Medicare No. or Repat No.

d. Click IHI Search.

e. Once a Verified Record Status is displayed, close the Customer Editing window and check the ASL button status.

f. If the ASL button is still greyed out, contact Minfos Support.

The patient's ASL status is displayed in grey, hover your mouse over the ASL button

Follow the instructions provided in the hover over message.

Every patient's ASL displays in grey and no hover over message is displayed

  • Ensure your pharmacy’s HI services are up and running by checking the MyHR status, if the MyHR button is greyed out and an error message is displayed. The HI/MyHR services are not running, contact Minfos support
  • If you are currently only set up with MediSecure, you will also need to install eRx to access ASL

You have previously been granted permission to view a patients ASL, now their ASL status is ASL Request Access:

1. The patient may have only granted your pharmacy access for one day.

2. Click ASL Request Access and discuss the options with the patient e.g. if they only grant your pharmacy access for one day, this process will need to take place each time they require a script dispensed. Where as if they respond YES your pharmacy will always have access to their ASL.

Example SMS messages Primary Contact will receive.

When I view the patients ASL, it is blank.

1. Confirm with the Primary Contact what response they gave to the below SMS they should have received:

  • If the Primary Carer responded YES, the scripts may take up to 48 hours to upload, please wait 48 hours
  • If the Primary Carer has not responded, get them to respond and then wait 48 hours
  • If the Primary Carer responded no, only future scripts will upload to the ASL
The patient has received the SMS for registration or requesting access, but cannot open the SMS.
Registration and request access SMS triggered in Minfos are sent via My Script List (MySL). The pharmacist should contact MySL Support to fix the issue and re-send the message.

Contact details:

Phone: 1300 700 921