Note The Active Script List (ASL) functionality is currently in pilot. Access to ASL functions is restricted to pharmacies taking part in the Minfos ASL pilot program. Please contact Minfos Support for further information.

From the Dispense Form:

1. Select a patient; ensure the pharmacy has access to their ASL.

2. Click ASL View.

The Active Script List window is displayed populated with the selected patient’s active prescriptions.

3. Highlight the required eScript/s in the list, (using standard windows shortcuts e.g. [Ctrl + mouse click] or [Shift + mouse click]) and click Dispense.

Note Only eScripts can be dispensed from the ASL, if paper scripts are selected the following prompt is displayed when Dispense is clicked.

Click OK to close and continue with the dispensing process (the paper scripts will not be dispensed via the ASL dispensing process), or click Cancel to return to the Active Script List window to re-select only eScripts.
eScripts can be recognised by the E icon and they will display a token. Scripts without the E icon and no token are paper scripts.

4. The eScript is downloaded and the Dispense Form will populate with the eScript Details.

5. Dispense as per your usual process, refer to Dispense an eScript for more information.

6. Where multiple scripts were highlighted in the Active Script List, the Okay button on the Dispense Form is replaced with the Next + <the number of eScripts selected and waiting to be dispensed for that patient>.

  • For example, in the image below the button reads Next (3/15), the next eScript you will be dispensing is the 3rd prescription of 15 that were selected from the patient’s ASL.

7. Press [Enter] to save and process each eScript.

The Dispense Save and Process this script? window is displayed. There are two new checkboxes when dispensing that control whether repeats will be uploaded to the patients ASL:

Patient wants script added to their ASL checkbox

  • If dispensing an original script with repeats this will be checked by default
  • If dispensing a repeat the checkbox status is the same as the previous dispensing of that script
  • Un-check if the patient does not want this script added to their ASL
  • The checkbox is disabled if Script will be retained by the pharmacy checkbox is selected. For example:

Script will be retained by the pharmacy. Reason for retaining <reason inserted here> checkbox: 

  • This checkbox is controlled by the prescriber and cannot be changed by the dispenser
    • If checked repeat Tokens will print and display “Retain at <store name inserted here> Pharmacy”.
Note If there are any errors when dispensing a script from the ASL, the following prompt is displayed:

Click OK to continue to the next eScript, or click Cancel to abort the dispensing process and clear all eScripts queued from the ASL for the patient.